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Sony α7 III Named DPReview's Product Of The Year

The Sony α7 III wins Product of the Year and also Best Midrange ILC in the 2018 DPReview’s Gear Of The Year Awards. Sony also received awards for Best Prime Lens and Best Compact/Fixed Lens Camera.

The Sony α7 III has dominated DPReview’s Gear Of The Year Awards – taking home the top honor of Product of the Year and also Best Midrange ILC. That’s not the only product putting Sony into a leadership position for the annual awards. They also bring home the awards for Best Prime Lens and Best Compact/Fixed Lens Camera.

See what DPReview had to say about each:

DPReview Product Of The Year, 2018
Winner: Sony α7 III

“And the winning spot this year is taken by the Sony α7 III. Arguably the best-value full-frame ILC available right now, the α7 III is a superbly versatile camera for both stills and video imaging, at a great price. Other cameras in Sony's lineup offer higher stills resolution and some nice extras, but the α7 III takes most of the essentials, and packages them inside an attractive, very usable and affordable body. As such, the α7 III is a worthy winner of our most important award - the best product of 2018.”

Best Midrange ILC
Winner: Sony α7 III

"The α7 III won out thanks to its stabilized full-frame sensor, powerful autofocus system and excellent 4K video features. For anyone looking for a 'do it all' camera without spending a lot more money, the α7 III is hard to beat. For these reasons, it takes the top spot in this years' DPReview award for best midrange ILC."

Best Prime Lens
Winner: Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM

“We've seen a lot of small, OK lenses this year, and a lot of very large, very good lenses, but it's really nice when we see a manufacturer make a small excellent lens. The Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM is exactly that.”

“This medium-wide prime lens for Sony's α7-series and α9 mirrorless cameras (it's also a useful 36mm equivalent on APS-C) is a great example of the lens-maker's art. Superbly suited to landscape and astrophotography, the 24mm F1.4 is equally useful for low-light candid photography and portraiture. It's uncannily sharp edge-to-edge wide open with little to no coma, bokeh is smooth, and longitudinal chromatic aberration - that purple and green fringing we loathe on many fast wide primes - is well controlled. Our decision this year was unanimous - the Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM takes the well-deserved top spot in our award for best prime lens of 2018.”

Best Compact/Fixed Lens Camera
Winner: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI

"The RX100 VI doesn't replace the older RX100 V/A, but it does fill a gap in the established RX100-series lineup for a true 'travel zoom' camera, offering advanced video and stills features in a compact package, with a versatile zoom lens. Photographers have been asking Sony for a longer zoom in the RX100-series for a long time, and with the RX100 VI, Sony delivered, without compromising too much of what we love about the series as a whole. As such the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI takes our award for best compact / fixed-lens camera of 2018."



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Sony α7 III Hands On Review Roundup

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