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Sony α7 III Hands On Review Roundup

On February 26 at WPPI, Sony announced the addition of the α7 III to the Sony full-frame mirrorless lineup. Sharing several features with the top of the line Sony α9 and the α7R III, first impressions of the camera reflect the excitement of its versatility and price point. Now that reviewers and other photographers have had more time to try it out, we'll take a deeper look at their thoughts on Sony’s latest:


In this full review, Engadget analyzes the body and handling, performance and image quality of the α7 III. But really the tagline says all you need to know – "For $2,000, you can’t get a better camera, period."

Dan Watson

Looking at the new α7 III vs. the Canon 6D Mark II, Dan sums up this comparison with as good as it gets vs. good enough.

“This (the α7 III) is really the jack of all trades and it’s something that’s not just a good general camera but a camera that you can specifically take to shoot action and sports and weddings and everything like that.”

Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo)

You know what they say about Fro...he knows photo. Polin's Fro Knows Photo deep-dive reviews and head-to-head comparisons put cameras into actual shooting situations to determine how they perform beyond a spec sheet. In this video Polin gives his real-world review of the α7 III, comparing it to the α7R III, Nikon D850 and Canon 6D Mark II. With a $2,000 body and tremendous video/image quality, Jared says, “It’s hard to pass up a camera like this one.”

DPReview TV

Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake have moved from The Camera Store TV to their new home at DPReview. Niccolls and Drake introduce their new DPReview TV camera review show with an in-depth look at the α7 III. Testing the camera for landscapes, action, low-light and more, the pair infuse their comprehensive review with the same entertaining banter they were known for at TCSTV.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony Northrup takes the α7 III and compares it against the world! OK maybe not the world, but the α7 II, α7R II, α9, α7R III, Fujifilm X-H1, Canon 6D Mark II, Nikon D750 and Panasonic GH5. His results? “If you are thinking about upgrading, the α7 III is definitely better than all the competition at this price point.” Watch the full review to see why.

The Slanted Lens

Jay P. and Kenneth sit down to talk details and share their results from the α7 III. After looking closely at image quality in a variety of situations, they concluded, “It’s basically a top-of-the-line camera for $2,000.”

Gear Glasses & Gadgets

The new α7 III was introduced at the 2018 WPPI show because its versatility makes it a perfect fit for wedding photography. Garrett and Amber Baird had the opportunity to use the camera to shoot an actual wedding and in this video Garrett shares his reactions.

“It is anything but basic. It really surprised me how many features they pulled from their other top-end cameras and packed into this entry-level camera.”


In this article, TechRadar shares the 12 key differences between the α7 III and α7R III to know when choosing which full-frame mirrorless is right for you.

“The Sony α7R III combines a high-resolution sensor with an impressive 10fps continuous shooting speed and powerful 4K video features. But the new Sony α7 III matches it in practically every respect except resolution, has a better autofocus system and buffer capacity in continuous shooting mode, and sells for less than two-thirds the price.”



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