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Sony α7 III: First Reviews From Around The Web

Introduced during the 2018 WPPI show, the new α7 III is a 24.2 megapixel camera featuring outstanding resolution and an impressive 15 stops of dynamic range. Following the introduction, the press had a chance to test the camera. Here are some of the first impressions from reviewers across the web as they share their thoughts on the new α7 III's performance.

Max Yuryev

"Welcome to my review of the best all-around hybrid camera ever. Not the best mirrorless hybrid camera or the best full-frame hybrid camera which are titles I've given in the past, but the single best hybrid camera ever." That's how Max Yuryev starts his detailed review of the Sony α7 III. "It's like if the α9 and the α7R III got together and had a baby."  

In a separate video, Yuryev looks at how the camera compares to some of its competitors in low-light. “This thing is hitting so many marks. Because you have the new battery the screen isn’t dimming. Great video autofocus performance. The 1080p at 120 without a major crop. Really, really good low-light performance and at a price point of $2,000. Call me impressed.”

“This thing is going to fit a lot of people’s needs for such a great value for the price that you’re paying. I’m personally going to be buying two of these.”


“This is a camera that should offer a lot of the incredible features that the α9 offers, but at a price point that makes it much more affordable for wedding/event photographers and the casual owners who want to step up to full frame quality but don’t need quite all the features that the α9 offers.”

The Verge

The Verge has a full review of the α7 III, but, really, their headline says everything you need to know. "Sony’s new α7 III is a $2,000 full-frame mirrorless camera that should terrify Canon and Nikon"

See the rest of Sean O'Kane's review here.


In their hands-on review, Techradar writes, "When you look at the camera you get for your money, it's hard not to be impressed by the Sony α7 III. With a wealth of advanced features, the α7 III is likely to appeal to many photographers looking for a well-rounded and advanced full-frame mirrorless camera." And, "Borrowing many features from the top-of-the-range α9, as well as the α7R III, the α7 III looks anything but basic."

See the full review here.

Steve Huff

Seeing the benefits early, leading blogger Steve Huff has been an advocate for mirrorless for years. For those who have been on the fence, Huff starts his review of the new α7 III with a definitive statement: "Also for those who want to switch to Mirrorless it is my opinion that right now is THE TIME to do so."

He continues, "Mirrorless is hot, it is gaining steam, and for very good reason. Todays Mirrorless is nothing like the mirrorless from a few years ago. The α7 III has now brought incredible full frame quality to those without a fat wallet." 

See the full review here and watch Steve Huff's first look video below. 

PhotoRec TV

“My headline for this camera is: there’s not much to complain about.”

B and H

“This camera has now raised the bar for what we consider a basic model camera. Creators want more and they expect more and Sony listened. The α7 III is kind of the new innovation for the basic camera model. It’s going to be perfect for wedding videographers, wedding photographers, any kind of event-type shooting.”

Jason Vong

“The autofocus is off the charts. It’s crazy, it’s awesome. For those of you who have the α7 II and were a little ‘eh’ about the autofocus, now you can trust the α7 III to really kind of nail focus for you.”


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