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α7R III and α7 III Firmware Update 3.0 Testing Roundup

The firmware update version 3.0 released last week for the Sony α7R III and α7 III and brought some exciting new features to Sony camera owners. Photographers across the web have made the update and, after trying out the new capabilities, are sharing their thoughts and resulting photos. We’ve gathered a few of these video reviews so you can see what people are saying about firmware 3.0 and the best ways to utilize the new features. Check them out and, if you haven’t made the update yet, make sure you read our step-by-step guide.

See how reviewers and creators rate Animal Eye AF, Real-Time Eye AF & Time-lapse in the new firmware update for the Sony α7R III and α7 III.

PhotoRec TV

In this video, Toby Gelston discusses the new features that come with firmware version 3.0 – the built-in intervalometer, Real Time Eye AF and Animal Eye AF. He’s used them all on his Sony α7R III and gives his review on them along with some other tips for best utilizing the upgrade.

“You no longer have to assign a custom button to activate Eye AF. If you’ve turned it on in the menu system, it will activate with a half-press of the shutter. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward, and certainly a nice improvement. I really like that.”

Dan Watson

Dan shares his impressions and behind-the-scenes shots using the firmware upgrade 3.0 for the Sony α7R III and α7 III. He walks through the long-awaited built-in intervalometer, shows his results from subject detection and even Animal Eye AF.

“One of the best, if not the best AF tracking system that I have ever seen. It is unbelievable what you can do with it.”

Manny Ortiz

In this video Manny tests out the new Animal Eye AF with his dog, and he’s really impressed by the results. He also tests the Real Time AF, which he says was already the best out there and just got even better.

“We already know it (Real Time AF), was the best out there. So now it got even better. Now all you have to do is half-press the shutter button to activate it. You don’t have to actually map an extra button to enable Eye AF. Another great thing about it is that now it’s so sticky. Let’s say you’re focusing on someone and someone obstructs them or they turn around, the camera is not going to lose focus.”

Jason Vong

Jason shares why everyone is loving the new upgrade, and the focus is on Animal Eye AF. With its release on #NationalPetDay, the web was flooded with animal photos from Sony camera users. He goes through some of the different posts on social media – and they are nothing short of entertaining.


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Firmware Update Brings Time Lapse, Real Time Eye AF, Animal Eye AF to Sony α7R III, α7 III

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