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Sony α7R IV Is DPReview's Best Camera Of 2019 For Landscapes And Portraits

In DPReview’s Annual Buying Guides, the Sony Alpha α7R IV has been named the top choice for both Landscapes and for Portraits. In their summary, DPReview writes, "The Sony α7R IV is among the most capable cameras we've tested, ever. From the impressive resolution to the easy-to-use autofocus system and fast burst speeds to good video quality, there is little you can't photograph and produce a billboard-sized print of if you have an α7R IV in your hands.”

"The Sony α7R IV is among the most capable cameras we've tested, ever.” -DPReview

Overall, Sony Alpha full-frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras, as well as the RX line place highly in the DPReview 2019 Buying Guides.

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras For Landscapes

Top Pick: Sony α7R IV

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras For Portraits

Top Picks: Sony α7R IV and Sony α6600

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras For Family And Friends Photos

Top Pick: Sony α6100 “Sony's autofocus system has been trained to recognize people and pets as subjects, and will follow them flawlessly throughout the frame. Coupled with the ability to touch the screen to place a focus point, it's a system that will serve beginning users very well once they've gotten a feel for it.”

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras Under $1000

Top Pick: Sony α6100 “[The Sony α6100] is equipped with a 24MP sensor, a touchscreen for easy focus placement and Sony's excellent autofocus tracking which makes it especially easy to focus on people and pets.”

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras Under $2000

Top Pick: Sony α7 III “We stated in our full review that the Sony α7 III sets a new benchmark for what we expect out of a full-frame camera at this price point. Unless you need more megapixels for large prints or even faster burst speeds for really demanding sports, the α7 III's capability makes it a great option for just about anything you'd want to photograph.”

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Cameras Over $2000

Top Pick: Sony α7R III “Image quality is impressive, with plenty of dynamic range and very high levels of detail capture. The camera offers either lossy compressed Raw or very large uncompressed Raw files. While huge, shooting uncompressed Raw files will allow you to make the absolute most of the α7R III's sensor.”

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Camera For Travel

Top Pick: Sony RX100 VII “It features probably the best autofocus systems we've ever encountered in a compact camera, meaning the little Sony can turn its hand to almost anything you might come across on your travels. There's also a fairly easy-to-use Wi-Fi system to send images to your phone.”

DPReview Buying Guide: Best Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras

Top Pick: Sony RX10 IV “Few cameras tick as many boxes as the Sony's Cyber-shot RX10 IV. It inherits the 20MP Stacked CMOS sensor and fast 24-600mm equiv. lens from the RX10 III, and then made everything faster.”


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Colby Brown’s Sony α7R IV Setup Guide

Portraiture With Mark Seliger And The Sony α7R IV

Sony Adds Animal Eye AF To RX10 IV With New Firmware (2.00)

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