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Sony Adds Animal Eye AF To RX10 IV With New Firmware (2.00)

Today, Sony has added Animal Eye AF to the capability of the popular RX10 IV camera via firmware update 2.00. The new firmware is available for Mac and Windows here (and here’s a link to our guide on How To Upgrade Your Firmware). See more about Animal Eye AF in this video with Loki The Wolfdog (@loki).

The RX10 IV received DPReview’s Gold Award writing, “The Sony RX10 IV is the ultimate 1" bridge camera. Its optically stabilized 24-600mm equiv. lens and 20MP sensor combine for outstanding image quality. And it is the first and only camera in its class with phase detect autofocus, which, when coupled with its lightning quick 24 fps maximum burst rate, makes it a formidable all-in-one for sports and action. But that's not all, its oversampled 4K video is top quality, and the camera offers a laundry list of video-making tools and features. Plus a touchscreen, redesigned menus and Bluetooth connectivity all contribute to a highly-spec'd, well-balanced camera.”

Sony Artisan of Imagery Bob Krist travels the world on assignment with an RX10 IV and he calls the camera, with its 24-600mm (full-frame equivalent) lens “irresistible.” Krist says “[T]hese cameras are sleepers. They're overlooked, but man oh man I use them a lot!” See more about how Krist uses the RX10 IV for still photography and video in our interview with him.

And see more about the RX10 IV here:

For more about about shooting with Animal Eye AF, check out our article with Marti Gutfreund and her cat, Suki (@sukiicat).


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First Look: Using Sony’s New Animal Eye AF With Suki Cat

RX10 IV Receives DPReview's Gold Award

RX10 IV, A Sleeper No More

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