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RX10 IV Receives DPReview's Gold Award

DPReview has posted it's full analysis on the Sony RX10 IV, examining everything from the camera's handling and user interface to its auto ISO and image quality. After testing the camera in a variety of primary use cases like travel, action, landscape and video, the results warranted a gold award and recommendation from the popular camera review site.

They were very satisfied by the upgrades made from the last edition. Everything they had hoped for was addressed in the Sony RX10 IV – with more control being given to the users.

"When we reviewed the Sony RX10 III, we noted that while it is an extremely capable camera with a lens that is truly impressive, using the thing in the real world simply left us wanting more: menus were cluttered and confusing, there was no direct control for placing an AF point and the Contrast Detect AF system was prone to hunting," said DPReview. "With the RX10 IV, a lot of these user experience and reliability complaints have been addressed. The sensor comes from the RX100 V, bringing phase detect AF to the camera, which results in more reliable autofocus with almost no hunting. A touchscreen allows for painless AF point placement. The menus have also been updated to that of the Sony α9 and are less confusing to navigate. And the camera gains a higher degree of customization (though no additional buttons)."

Final Words and Conclusions

"The Sony RX10 IV is – as of publishing – the most wholly capable all-in-one camera package money can buy. It is truly a fully-realized RX10 III and the perfect option for anyone seeking a camera that can handle high-quality stills and video duty with total ease. From run-and-gun video shooters, to multimedia news reporters to travelers seeking a camera that can do it all: the RX10 IV is for you."

"Ultimately, Sony's gone and done what's never been done before: stuck a phase detect AF system in a superzoom. And the result is a highly capable camera that gets enough right to warrant a gold award and our recommendation."

"The Sony RX10 IV is the ultimate 1" bridge camera. Its optically stabilized 24-600mm equiv. lens and 20MP sensor combine for outstanding image quality. And it is the first and only camera in its class with phase detect autofocus, which, when coupled with its lightning quick 24 fps maximum burst rate, makes it a formidable all-in-one for sports and action. But that's not all, its oversampled 4K video is top quality, and the camera offers a laundry list of video-making tools and features. Plus a touchscreen, redesigned menus and Bluetooth connectivity all contribute to a highly-spec'd, well-balanced camera."

See the full review and sample images at DPReview.com.


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RX10 IV, A Sleeper No More

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