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PPMag.com Reviews Sony RX10 IV

In a review on PPMag.com, writer and photographer Theano Nikitas gave her thoughts on Sony's new flagship model in its acclaimed Cyber-shot RX10 series, the RX10 IV. Nikitas had the opportunity to test out the camera, capturing soccer players, agility dogs and even birds of prey.

Theano mentions that it took her a minute to get used to the continuous shooting speed that feels out-of control fast at first, but she found her rhythm and easily settled into capturing what was in front of her.

"It’s not just the RX10 IV’s speed that’s impressive. Thanks to the camera’s 315-point phase-detection autofocus (AF), spread over about 65 percent of the screen, locking and tracking focus was exceptional. When I photographed one of the agility dogs weaving through a set of poles, for example, the camera locked focus on the dog and didn’t let go until I released the shutter button. In the sequence, the RX10 IV never lost track of the dog to focus on the poles, which it could easily have done if it were off-subject by a fraction of an inch."

Nikitas concludes that you can't deny the benefits of the camera's capabilities in a variety of situations, "There’s something so appealing about this camera’s performance, its image quality and having a 24-600mm lens at your beck and call – all in one package – that it may be worth consideration. Frankly, if I had some extra cash, I’d seriously consider purchasing one. I have a feeling that photographing Fashion Week with the RX10 IV would be amazing (and save a whole lot of wear and tear on my shoulders and neck from carrying DSLRs and lenses)."

Read the full review and see the sample images at PPMag.com.


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Sony RX10 IV: First Looks

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