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Sony RX10 IV: First Looks

At an exclusive press event in New York, Sony launched the new flagship model in its acclaimed Cyber-shot RX10 series, the RX10 IV. This new model adds a litany of new features to the incredible 24-600mm Zeiss lens introduced in the Sony RX10 III. Chiefly, the RX10 IV has a fast hybrid AF system and employs high-density tracking AF technology and  continuous high-speed shooting at up to 24 fps – all a first for Sony’s RX10 series of cameras. The RX10 IV will ship in October for about $1,700 and below we’ve compiled some first looks and impressions on this next generation of powerful, versatile RX10 cameras:

DP Review

"Even in an initial phase of getting to know the camera, we'd find we totally forgot we weren't shooting with a high-end sports camera, only to occasionally be surprised when we took it away from our eye and realized it doesn't have pro-DSLR levels of direct settings control. This isn't something that tends to happen with a typical superzoom." -Richard Butler, DP Review

Read the full article at DP Review

The Phoblographer

"After spending a few hours with the RX10 IV, we’re very impressed with this camera so far. The improved AF—perhaps its biggest selling point—was incredibly quick during our field tests. The 315 focal-plane phase-detection seemed to have no problem grabbing onto fast moving subjects and the promise of 24fps continuous shooting up to 249 frames did not disappoint." -The Phoblographer

Read the full article at The Phoblographer

B&H Photo Explora Blog

In this video, Jakes Estes of the B&H Photo Explora blog sits down with Sony’s Mike Bubolo to go through the features of the new RX 10 IV.

Imaging Resource

“While you can capture excellent images from 24 to 600mm with gear from nearly all manufacturers, it's something special with the Sony RX10 series to be able to shoot crisp images across that entire range in a single camera, much less a camera that is comfortable to hold and weighs in at just 2.4 pounds (1,095g) loaded and ready to shoot.”

“The Sony RX10 IV boasts so much performance it might just blow your mind“ - Mike Tomkins and Jeremy Grey, Imaging Resource

Read the full article at ImagingResource.com


“In the area of video recording, the RX10 IV can shoot 4K video with full pixel readout without pixel binning, capturing 1.7 times more data than is needed for 4K footage. Other video-related features include a Fast Hybrid AF system (4x faster than the RX10 III), XAVC S9 codec (a data rate of up to 100Mbps), 120p recording in Full HD mode, Picture Profile, S-Log3/S-Gamut3, Gamma Display Assist, Proxy recording, Time Code / User Bit, microphone in, headphone out, and up to 960fps slow motion.” Michael Zhang, PetaPixel

Read the full article at PetaPixel.com


“We actually took a lot of the technologies from our professional sports camera, the α9, and put it into the RX10 IV so not only will you get that super zoom, magnesium alloy body and weather-resistance, but you’ll also be able to get auto focus that can keep up with any sporting event that’s out there.” - Mike Bubolo, Sony


Point Technology

“The Sony RX10 IV is a blazingly fast, super-zoom camera.”


Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions

In this video, you’ll see a quick test of the phase detection auto focus.

“That works really, really well.” - Hugh Brownstone


Paul F. Gero Photography

"It has phase-detect auto focus, it can actually track and focus. You're going to see the green boxes and it's going to track just like your α6500 tracks and just like the α9. It is really amazing. It tracks, it follows, it has face detection and it really works well. It has eye auto focus that nails it. It is a great little camera." - Sony Artisan Paul Gero



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