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Paul Gero's First Look At The New RX10 IV

Sony has launched the next generation of powerful, versatile RX10 cameras – the RX10 IV. Sony Artisan Paul Gero had the opportunity to test it out and shared his thoughts in his latest review. Noting the cameras many improvements, Gero is impressed with the small camera's capabilities.

"This is an all-in-one camera body, so the lens does not change. It stays fixed which is good because it keeps dust and moisture out of the camera, and it also makes it a little smaller, more compact, but gives you an incredible range."

So what are the upgrades and why does he like it so much?

"It has phase-detect auto focus, it can actually track and focus. You're going to see the green boxes and it's going to track just like your α6500 tracks and just like the α9. It is really amazing. It tracks, it follows, it has face detection and it really works well. It has eye auto focus that nails it. It is a great little camera."

He's also amazed by the frame rate of the RX10 IV and declares it will allow sports photographers to do some serious damage.

"It is also 24 frames-per-second and it tracks focus at 24 frames-per-second. You can shoot action at 24 FRAMES-PER-SECOND."

For people who want something all-in-one with all of the accessories, Gero says this is the camera for them. 

"This little one-inch camera has such great auto focus and such potential with that 600mm equivalent, that for stills and for video I find it to be a very attractive camera."

Watch the full review below:


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RX10 IV, A Sleeper No More

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