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Sony Receives Award For Advancement In Photography

The National Press Photography Association (NPPA) has named Sony as the recipient of the J. Winton Lemen Award, which recognizes those advancing the best interest of the visual journalism community.

This year’s award is given in response to Sony’s leadership in the technological advancements and development of the Alpha mirrorless system and how that technology in cameras like the Sony α9, α7R II, α7 III and others, is changing the game for photojournalists and all professional photographers. “Sony’s Alpha system has been a huge technological advancement and game changer in the world of still photography, causing other camera companies to follow suit in pursuit of the growing mirrorless camera market,” the NPPA awards website states.

In addition to the Sony Alpha mirrorless technology that has changed the game for still photography, the NPPA recognizes Sony for the creation of the Alpha Female program. The program, in its first year, has given five female photographers access to financial and educational opportunities in order to help them gain exposure in the industry and to achieve their photography dreams. “We would also like to recognize Sony’s creation of Alpha Female, a program that offers five female-identifying photographers a $25,000 grant, $5,000 in gear and a mentor.”

“The Lemen Award is given in recognition of outstanding technical achievement supporting and advancing the best interest of the visual journalism community. Lemen was a charter member of the NPPA. In 1952, after a distinguished career as a news photographer at the Rocky Mountain News, Pittsburgh Press and Buffalo (N.Y.) Times, he established the photo press markets division of the Eastman Kodak Co. and served as the firm’s liaison with news photographers.”

See the full awards announcement at nppa.org.


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