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Sony Vlog Challenge Contest Winners Announced

The Sony Vlog Challenge Contest called for vloggers around the world to submit their best vlogs telling their authentic personal stories and experiences. Entries poured in from all over the globe and vloggers showcased their stories through three themes: What, Who and Where. The 10 winners have been chosen and each will receive their very own Sony ZV-1 Vlog Kit. Learn more about the winners in the vlogs they submitted below and check out this vlogging video series if you’re inspired to start your own!

Entries came in from all over the globe...see the 10 winners of the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest!

Jenn Curcio (Lost Renegades)

Jenn Curcio of Lost Renegades gives an inside look at full time van life, exploring the Pacific Northwest with husband Charlie, dog Opie and, and in this vlog...an uninvited critter.

Nick Hampton (Filmandskate)

We all have that one thing that makes us tick, makes us feel alive...and for Nick Hampton that thing is surfing. Here he shares what it’s like surfing early in the morning before returning home to work by 9 a.m.

Lydia Isnanto

Lydia Isnanto shares her passion for storytelling, fiercely embracing life and taking advantage of every opportunity. 

Ben Martin

What’s it like to be a barista in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, Michigan? Ben Martin gives us a tour while sharing his love for coffee, Lake Michigan, music and telling stories well.

Garland Quek

“Is New York City dead?” Garland Quek searches for the answer to this question as he journeys through the place he calls home and interviews others along the way.

Sandy Rodriguez (Super Sandy)

A (staged) kidnapping and interrogation lead to Sandy Rodriguez taking a walk down memory lane, revisiting his history on YouTube and telling his stories through fresh lyrics to an old song.

Marissa Roxas

There are few things more exciting than trying something new. Beginning skateboarder Marissa Roxas explains how there’s no better way to become a better filmmaker than to live your life and try new things. 

Sam Snowden

Any vlogger could say they’re passionate about creating, but Sam Snowden takes it to a whole new level. See how creating something new every day keeps him focused on the present moment.

Kyle Thorne

Between cliff jumping, ziplining, kayaking, fishing, family time and being a master sergeant in the Army, Kyle Thorne barely has time for sleep. 

Maiku Wong

Sit down with Maiku Wong as he seeks to find the answers to the lifelong question of how he can live themost ridiculous life possible while maintaining a positive impact on the world. 


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