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Take Better Photos With These Composition Tips & Tricks

To create compelling images that draw in the viewer's eye, a photographer must understand the rules and techniques of composition. Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin), who is known for her powerful travel photography, has worked hard over the years to refine her compositional skills. “I definitely think this is one of the most important parts of photography,” says Nguyen. In this video, the Alpha Collective member clues us in on all she’s learned about creating exceptional compositions. Watch as she shares her most important tips and tricks for nailing your composition every time.

Learn how to get the perfect composition every time with these tips and tricks from photographer Tiffany Nguyen of the Alpha Collective.

There are many editing programs out there that make it easy to manipulate your images after the fact, but for Nguyen, getting her composition right in-camera so she can take full advantage of everything in the frame is the way to go. “I personally try to nail the composition in-camera when I’m out shooting in the field so that there’s less work for me to do in post,” says Nguyen. 

To get that composition just right in-camera, she uses the rule of thirds and turns on a certain setting on her camera to help her do so. “When you’re shooting, it’s really helpful to have grid lines on your camera,” she says. “So I would definitely recommend going to your menu in your settings to turn on your grid lines. A lot of times when you’re shooting naturally you won’t even have to think about it and I think that some of the best shots use the rule of thirds. Sometimes people think you have to place your subject in the center, but oftentimes I think placing your subject in the third of a photo can actually be more powerful than placing them in the center.”

Watch the full video below for more composition tips and tricks:


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