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Phoblographer's Best Lenses For α7 II, α7S II & α7R II

In a new post, Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer walks through his collection of E-mount lenses that best suit action, wedding, street, portrait photographers and photojournalist on the α7, α7S II, and α7R II.

Everyone wants to know "what's the best lens". When professional photographers get that question, the response is always "it depends on how and what you shoot." In Gampat's post, he picks up the "best lens" conversation with the possible answers to that "it depends on how and what you shoot" question.  

Street Photography

The Phoblographer's choice: Sony FE 35mm f1.4

Why Gampat likes it: "...a hefty lens with fast autofocusing capabilities, beautiful bokeh, sharp image quality, a solid lens... it's a beautiful lens you'll never want to put down..."


The Phoblographer's choice: Sony 85mm f1.4 G Master

Why Gampat likes it: "This lens has fantastic sharpness, class leading bokeh, good construction, weather sealing, fast autofocus performance, and lots to offer the high end Sony shooter."


The Phoblographer's choice: Sony FE 16-35mm f4

Why Gampat likes it: "We strongly recommend it for the more photojournalistic type of shooters due to the versatile zoom range. However, we had a heck of a lot of fun with it."


The Phoblographer's choice: Sony 70-200mm f2.8 OSS G Master

Why Gampat likes it: "Want great image quality? You'll get it with any camera from Sony....Want solid build quality? You've got it. Additionally, Sony made efforts to make the size overall smaller than most 70-200mm lenses. This is again, where I really need to give them credit."

Wedding + Photojournalism

The Phoblographer's choice: Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master

Why Gampat likes it: "In all rights, this is a fantastic lens...this is another reason to move to the Sony E-mount system if you haven't already...it can tackle any sort of work you throw at it..."

Read the full article for more details on The Phoblographer's take on each of these lenses here.


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