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The Sony VIP Lounge at WPPI 2017

Sony's VIP Lounge was a smash hit at PhotoPlus 2016 in NYC and now it's back in action for WPPI 2017 in Las Vegas!

Where is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge is part of the Sony Booth (#304) and is adjacent to Sony Pro Support.

How Do I Get In?

To get into the Sony's VIP Lounge just bring your Sony camera with you and present it at the lounge entrance. You may also present a Sony Pro Support receipt if you camera is being cleaned or repaired on site. After presenting either your Sony camera or Sony Pro Support receipt you'll sign in and get a wristband which gets you 30 minutes of VIP access. 

What's inside the VIP Lounge?

  • Charging stations to power up
  • Complimentary water to keep you hydrated
  • A live feed of Sony's presentation stage (so you don't miss a thing!)
  • The opportunity to get your photo taken and then PRINTED on a cappuccino - that's right - your image PRINTED using coffee extract on the foam of the cappuccino. 
  • Sweet treats (to go with your cappuccino!)
  • Sony Swag

What else should I know?

There will be a Sony VIP Lounge custom Snapchat filter available throughout the entire show. So snap a photo of yourself (or yourself on cappuccino!) while you're enjoying the perks of being a Sony VIP and Snapchat your friends to make them jealous. 

Remember, there is limited space in the VIP lounge and a 30 minute limit per person. If the lounge is full for the current 30 minute period when you arrive, you can sign up for the next 30 minute session and get your wristband. 



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