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Thoughts on Moving to Sony by Otto Schulze

So, it has been a long wedding season for me and one that has taken me all over again. But that's the norm and the norm is a good thing. What made this year special was that it was my first year shooting Sony exclusively—specifically with Sony mirrorless hardware. And let me preface by saying that I have shot it all in the past—from film to digital medium format—you name it and I shot it.



So, I'll start by saying that it has been an overwhemingly positive experience. Quite simply, everything that first drew me to Sony has just gotten better and better. From the colors, the Zeiss lens line up, low light and AF performance, the ease with which I am able to create exceptional images using my Sony cameras never ceases to amaze me. I myself have been waiting for the A7RII for some time and it was absolutely worth the wait. Everything, and more, than I could ever need for my work and all of that in such a small package. A true powerhouse. And the relationship between Zeiss and Sony has been a absolute winner for me. I now have everything that I shot with before—with all it's individual strengths—all rolled up into one very compact camera. And to top it off, I'm part of a pro program that actually takes care of me! In short, i has been tremendous year and I cannot wait for the next one!





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