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Three Days In August Theatrical Release

“THREE DAYS IN AUGUST” will debut Friday, Dec. 2, and run for a minimum of seven days through Thursday, Dec. 8, with multiple show times daily. Tickets are on sale online beginning Friday, Nov. 11. This indie drama will also be available Dec. 16 on iTunes and VOD in early 2017.

The film is directed by Johnathan Brownlee, written by Chad Berry, David Langlinais and Johnathan Brownlee and produced by Johnathan Brownlee, Jeff Berlin, James Tumminia and Adam Donaghey. Executive Producers are Allen Stringer, David Kiger and Shannon Kincaid, whose life experiences inspired the story.

The film was shot with Sony α7R II cameras.

To get tickets and a free download of the film: 

Buy 2 tickets of any Studio Movie Grill Showing of "Three Days in August" and receive a FREE digital download of the film when it releases on iTunes December 20th
(You get the FREE download even if you don't use your tickets)
Go to the website www.3daysinaugust.com and follow the 2 steps.

More about the making of Three Days In August:

New Approaches To Indie Filmmaking...a panel discussion at the Cine Gear Expo about the creation of Three Days In August using the α7R II 

Three Days In August: α7R II Shoots A Feature Film in 4K

Shooting The Locksmith, Three Days in August and Anathema Or My Journey from DSLR to 4K RAW and Sort-of Back Again by Jeff Berlin



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