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Through The Lens: Cuba Episode 8 Finale

In Episode 8, the finale of Through The Lens: Cuba, the TTL crew and members of the Alpha Imaging Collective had the opportunity to visit a traditional Cuban restaurant. The host welcomed them with different styles of food and a glimpse into the recipes passed down for generations.

Alpha Imaging Collective member Steven Irby discusses how he was impressed with the host and his devotion to the culture and food. “His passion and being able to translate how he feels about the food and about his people is very admirable. People who have goals like this and aspirations like this are people that I truly identify myself with.”

The Collective members also take the time to reflect on the trip and discuss how transformative of an experience it was. From meeting and bonding with each other over their love of photography, to learning about an entirely new culture together, it was eye-opening for many.

“I am leaving a piece of my heart here in Cuba. There are a couple of things that I’ve learned throughout my journey: The attitude that you have toward your life, will determine how you live it. It doesn’t matter what you have or what you don’t have, as long as you embrace that life itself is a gift,” concludes Paola Franqui.

One thing is for sure, the experience was something the team will never forget. Thanks for following along all season!

Watch the final episode:

See more from the Alpha Imaging Collective members who went to Cuba in this special season of Through The Lens:

Sara Dietschy

Paola Franqui (@monaris_)

Steven Irby (@stevesweatpants)

Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman)

Oveck Reyes (@oveck)

Andy To (@andyto)

You can find all episodes of the show on the AdoramaTV channel on YouTube and on the Through The Lens website.

Join members of the TTL Cuba cast for a NYC Street Photography Photowalk beginning at Northwest corner of Washington Square Park and ending at the Adorama store to view this finale episode of TTL Cuba and participate in a Q&A with cast members. Also there will be chance to win an ONA bag! Click here for details and to sign up.


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Through The Lens: Cuba Finale!

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