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TIME Names Sony Alpha 7R V & Sony FX3 In Best Inventions Of 2023

TIME just released their Best Inventions of 2023 list, and this year it includes two Sony cameras – the Sony Alpha 7R V and Sony FX3. To create the list TIME chooses 200 innovations that are changing the way in which we live, and below we read more about why they say the Sony Alpha 7R V and Sony FX3 fall into the category of industry-changing inventions.

TIME calls out the smarter autofocus system of the Sony Alpha 7R V and how it’s changed the game for photographers. “With resolution as high as the 61-megapixel sensor in Sony’s line of Alpha mirrorless cameras, focusing can be a challenge,” writes Alison Van Houten. “The new Alpha 7R V model features a dedicated AI processing unit, which enables the camera’s autofocus capabilities to process even more data in real time. While most autofocus systems are based on face and eye recognition, the Alpha 7R V is trained to recognize and stably track body movements, even if the subject changes course. It’s not limited to humans, either—it also clocks birds with long necks or intricate head feathers, insects like butterflies and dragonflies, cars and more.” Read more HERE.

As for the Sony FX3, TIME highlights how the camera makes high-quality filmmaking far more accessible. “The high-end cameras used to film today’s blockbuster movies can cost upwards of $100,000,” writes Jeff Wilser. “But director Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) shot his recently released sci-fi epic, The Creator, primarily on Sony’s FX3. The camera can be purchased at electronics stores for under $4,000, and most viewers won’t see a difference in quality. The FX3 is light and compact, but its real superpower is a dramatically high ISO (the sensitivity of the camera’s ability to capture light), which allowed Edwards to capture difficult night shots without the need for extra lighting. As the director said while promoting the movie, ‘You can basically film in moonlight.’” Read more HERE.

See the complete list of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023 HERE.


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