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Take A Deep Dive Into The New Sony Alpha 7R V

The new advancements found in the Sony Alpha 7R V have many creatives excited, including Sony Artisan and professional photographer Miguel Quiles. “Just when I thought that the A7R line couldn’t get any better, the AI features have definitely taken things to a new level. It will change the way that I shoot my work and open up my creativity even more.” Watch this video as Quiles takes a deeper look at some of the exciting new features in Sony’s newest mirrorless camera. Learn more about the new Alpha 7R V HERE.

“Just when I thought that the A7R line couldn’t get any better, the AI features have definitely taken things to a new level.” – Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles

High Image Quality & Advanced Focusing

Thanks to a variety of new features paired with the latest Sony processor technology, the Alpha 7R V boasts the highest image quality in Alpha history. “For several years now, Sony shooters have enjoyed some next-gen features like Continuous Eye Auto-Focus and Real Time Subject Tracking, but the Alpha 7R V takes things to a completely new level,” explains Quiles. “With this new AI processor, subject recognition has reached super insane levels thanks to what Sony calls Human Pose Estimation. The Alpha 7R V can now recognize over 20 human body points and can recognize human movements with the highest precision.”

Quiles takes the camera out to photograph a subject walking down the sidewalk, and the AI in the Alpha 7R V continues to track her eyes even as she turns her head and it isn’t entirely visible. “Even when you find yourself in situations that might be more difficult to focus, such as backlit situations or when a person’s face is in a shadow or tilted away from the camera, you’ll be amazed at how well the tracking keeps up.”

It’s not just humans and animals…now on the Alpha 7R V you can track birds, insects, cars, trains and even planes. Quiles says it’s easily the most advanced focusing system he’s ever seen on a Sony camera, but the focusing advancements on the camera aren’t the only things to be excited about. 

An Excellent Option For Hybrid Shooters

“On the video side of things,” Quiles says, “the Alpha 7R V becomes the second Alpha-series camera that can shoot 8K video up to 24FPS, as well as shooting up to 4K 50FPS, making this an intriguing camera for anyone who wants a hybrid shooting option. If you shoot in Super 35 mode and capture 4K video, it’s actually oversampled from 6.2K, which means that your 4K videos look even better than cameras that are shooting at 4K only.”

The camera also has several design differences worth mentioning, like a visible light and IR sensor on the front of the camera. The mode dial has also been updated so now you can quickly see and adjust the camera’s shooting mode for Stills, Video or S&Q shooting. “When you select one of those modes, the menu in the camera actually changes accordingly, so you only see the options that are relevant for that specific mode.”

He continues, “Another cool update to the menu that I love with my FX3, is the ability to have all the main options that you likely need for shooting video on its own page within the menus. So you’ll spend less time looking for the options that you’ll use the majority of the time that you’re working.”

Designed For A Faster & Easier Workflow

The new Alpha 7R V also offers Dual CFExpress Type A and SD Card slots, and the buffer has been greatly improved so you can process more, faster. Another feature creatives will love is the ability to select between small, medium and large RAW options along with Lossless RAW. “If you’re a wedding or event photographer that wants flexibility in your shooting options, the Alpha 7R V is going to be a camera that you’ll want to check out,” Quiles says.

The record button is now on the top of the camera so it’s easier to record video in front of the camera. The Exposure Compensation dial can also be customized to perform other features in the menu. The Electronic Viewfinder has also been upgraded and Quiles says that it was awesome in his test and really goes far beyond what you would experience using an optical viewfinder.

Another first for this camera, and one creatives are talking about, is the multi-angle flip screen. “Not only does the screen flip out to the side like it does on some of the newer bodies, but it also has the ability to be used like the Alpha 7R IV where you can tilt it up or down to help you get creative with your shooting.” 

The Alpha 7R V also has an updated 5-axis In-Body Images Stabilization that gives you up to eight stops of compensation, which Quiles will be further testing in his upcoming videos. “I was also really excited to see that it now offers Focus Bracketing, up to 299 images. If you’re shooting macro images or taking landscapes, then I don’t have to tell you how useful that feature is. But you’ll be happy to know that it’s now an option in your camera’s Drive Mode menu.”

“As always, Sony has somehow made a camera that exceeded expectations that I didn’t even know I had.”

Learn more about the new Alpha 7R V HERE.

You can be among the first to see the Alpha 7R V at Creative Space in NYC. The special event is happening at Skylight Modern October 27th and 28th. Registration is free. See all the details HERE.


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