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Tips For Creating TikTok Videos & How Photographers Can Leverage The Platform

Despite what you may have previously thought, TikTok isn’t just for kids, and now is the perfect time to join the social media platform. More and more brands and content creators are adopting TikTok as part of their strategy, and for good reason. It’s one of the easiest platforms to go viral on and it allows creators to be creative in an entirely different way. In this replay from #BeAlpha Live Online, Victoria Yore, who is one half of the successful TikTok Channel @followmeaway, shares her video creation tips for TikTok and why photographers should be using the platform to their advantage.

Victoria Yore from the popular TikTok @followmeaway shares her tips for TikTok video creation and how photographers and other creators can leverage the platform.

You might be wondering more about why you should use TikTok, especially as a photographer. In the video, Yore explains how it’s the perfect platform to get an introduction into the world of video creation. “Once you already shoot this on your smartphone or a social media camera (like the Sony ZV-E10), you can syndicate this TikTok video into Reels or Shorts. So you make the video one time for TikTok, and you can use that same video in three separate places. You can use it on TikTok, you can use it on Instagram and you can use it on YouTube Shorts. It’s a lot of bang for your buck or your time, and the amount of time you put into it, you can make one and syndicate it to all three channels.”

TikTok also offers the potential for income and brand partnerships, something that will catch many content creators’ interest. “It’s very easy and pretty much a no-brainer to introduce TikTok into your brand content creation partnerships that you do,” she explains, “because you can post it on TikTok and syndicate it to Reels. The reach is insane and brands love it. Just in the month of June I sold over $150,000 worth of travel for this brand that I made the partnership with.”

See more of Victoria Yore’s content on her TikTok Channel @followmeaway.


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