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The Best Vlogging Gear For Powerful Visual Storytelling

The gear you use for any form of content creation can have a major impact on the work you produce. When it comes to vlogging, there are specific pieces of equipment that can help you in your quest to create compelling content. In this replay session from #BeAlpha Live Online, travel and adventure photographer and vlogger Pierre T. Lambert (@pierretlambert) provides a rundown of his most essential gear for vlogging. Watch as he explains which gear to pack and the impact it can have on your stories. 

See the gear travel and adventure photographer and vlogger Pierre T. Lambert relies on to create compelling vlogs.

“One thing that I’ve learned over time is that the story, and how you tell it, might be the most important thing,” explains Lambert. “The gear is a tool in your toolbox that will actually help you achieve that story. We’re here to capture a movie that can move people. That can inspire people. That can make them cry or make them happy. Or inspire them to take change into a new cause or something that’s really dear to our heart or our planet. So really gear should be there as a tool, it should help you, but should not get in the way of your story ever.”

While the gear is a tool to help you tell your story, it still has a very real impact on the work you create. “Vlogging is all about telling your story,” he says. “We’re taking people immersively into that story. We are not just filming others. We’re actually narrating the story. Maybe we’re taking them on an adventure depending on your style. And the best part about vlogging is that it’s very relatable. We feel, when it's well done, that we are in the action, that we are there with that person.”

Visit the Sony Alpha YouTube Channel for more from #BeAlpha Live Online.


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