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Watch Wednesday: How To Step Up Your Vlogs With Multiple Angles

Providing your audience with different views and angles is a great way to step up your vlogging or livestreaming game. Professional photographer and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles uses a multi-device setup to create compelling videos with varying angles for his YouTube Channel and the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel. In this video, he goes through each setup he uses for vlogging and livestreaming. See how he uses a combination of the Sony FX9, Sony ZV-1, Sony Alpha 1 and his laptop to produce dynamic videos with different views. These setups are what Quiles uses, but you don’t have to have this exact combination of cameras for your multi-device shoot. Watch as Quiles explains how he connects it all and see the breakdown of his setups below.

Professional photographer and YouTuber Miguel Quiles shares his different setups for creating dynamic YouTube videos with multiple views and angles.

Main Camera: Sony FX9 & Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master

“Let’s start off with our main camera. Now keep in mind before I get into these individual devices, these are all plug-and-play and you can adjust or you can add different cameras if you like. These are just the cameras that I’m using now so that you can see the entire lineup and kind of what each camera would look like. But my main camera right now is the Sony FX9. I have that with a 35mm f/1.4 G Master lens.” 

B-Camera: Sony ZV-1

“This is the Sony ZV-1 small pocket camera. This is on a slider and it actually has a head on the slider that creates this kind of parallax rotation. So on top of it sliding back and forth it’s also rotating to kind of keep me in the frame. It’s really awesome. This is probably my favorite B-camera setup here because it just looks so great. It has really nice, dynamic motion.”

Walk & Talk Camera: Sony Alpha 1 & Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master

“Maybe if you're in an environment where you’re vlogging or whatever the case might be, this is the Alpha 1 with a 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master lens. On top of it I have a wireless HDMI transmitter. This one is actually made by Hollyland. But what’s kind of nifty about this setup is that I can get up, I can walk around, it’s good for 700 feet. It is a little heavy for me to be holding this contraption but you’ll have strong arms when you’re all said and done here. It’s really cool if you want to walk and talk and have more of a vlog feel for your livestreams, this is a really easy setup. This is using the vlogging grip from Sony which is really, really handy.”

Laptop View – For Screen-Sharing/Skype Calls/Presentations

“Here you can see I have Capture One open with a variety of images. Of course you might end up using PowerPoint or a Keynote presentation or whatever the case might be. All of these camera feeds are all going into a Black Magic ATEM Mini box.”

Ready to take a deeper dive into livestreaming with multiple devices? Watch the video below from the Be Alpha Live event where he goes in depth on creating content using multiple devices.


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