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Watch Wednesday: A Hands-On Demo With Sony’s 3 New G Lenses

The new Sony 50mm f/2.5, 40mm f/2.5 and 24mm f/2.8 G-series lenses give photographers and videographers high image quality, mobility and at less than $600 each, tremendous value. In this video, watch as professional photographer andpro portrait photographer and You Tuber Miguel Quiles takes a closer look at all three.

Professional photographer Miguel Quiles does a deep dive into the new Sony 50mm f/2.5, 40mm f/2.5 and 24mm f/2.8 G-series lenses.

While the new G lenses have incredibly lightweight and compact designs, they don’t sacrifice on features for the size. “Holding these lenses I can tell right away they have a premium feel to them. Even though they’re lightweight they have a rugged metal feel that reminds me of their 90mm G-series Macro,” explains Quiles. “They also did something that I think was so cool, which is that they managed to incorporate an aperture ring with click selection, a focus hold button, and an AF/MF switch. These are features you’d expect to see on a bigger lens but they somehow managed to shrink these down which I think is pretty awesome.”

Quiles shares his thoughts after testing out all three lenses on his Alpha 7C camera and a 45mm flash for an outdoor portrait session. "There were a few things that really stood out to me. The first thing was the autofocus performance. All three lenses paired up with the α7C did a great job at quickly finding her eye within the frame and keeping her in focus. It's still pretty crazy to think that I had three full-frame lenses, a full-frame camera and a flash inside of this small sling bag that fits about three bottles of water. I think this is going to be interesting for lifestyle and travel photographers as well as videographers who want to use some of the smaller gimbals out on the market."

“Another thing that was really impressive to me was the image quality. Even though the average person looking at your photos will never look at your images super close, I’m the type of person who likes to pixel peep my images to make sure that the details are all there.”

You don’t have to have a full-frame camera to take advantage of these small lenses – they also work great on APS-C. “Another thing to keep in mind is that these lenses are great on APS-C cameras as well,” says Quiles. “On a camera like the Sony Alpha 6500, which has a 1.5X crop factor, the 24mm lens is closer to 36mm, the 40mm is closer to 60mm and the 50mm is closer to 75mm. If you need those longer focal lengths don’t forget that you can also use your full-frame camera like the Alpha 7C and APS-C mode to give you some extra reach.”


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Review Roundup: The New 24mm, 40mm & 50mm New High-Performance G Lenses

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