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Review Roundup: The New 24mm, 40mm & 50mm New High-Performance G Lenses

Sony just announced the addition of three new G Lenses to its impressive E-mount line-up  – the 24mm f/2.8 G, 40mm f/2.5 G, and 50mm f/2.5 G. First impressions of the new G lenses are rolling out and reviewers are noting their high image quality and beautiful bokeh for such a lightweight and compact design. See more of their thoughts below in our review roundup. 

Read the first reviews for Sony’s newest G lenses – the 24mm f/2.8 G, 40mm f/2.5 G, and 50mm f/2.5 G.

DPReview TV

“...all three have linear motors and they drive the autofocusing elements incredibly quick. So if you’re doing street, if you’re doing weddings, journalism, anything where you need snappy AF – all three of these lenses deliver.” – Chris Niccolls

“My overall verdict – all three of these lenses are quite sharp. And remember we did use these on an α7R IV, really pushing the resolution. Whereas I think the target audience for these lenses is actually going to be lower megapixel cameras. So in that regard, I’d be happy using these high megapixel as well as low megapixel cameras.” – Chris Niccolls

“...you have to appreciate that these give you better build quality than a lot of the third party manufacturers, and definitely faster focus – and that might be a real important thing for you. Otherwise these slot themselves really nicely between some of the more affordable options and then the G Masters. So there is definitely a market for this – especially that 24mm. It performs very nicely – it’s a very interesting lens to have.” – Chris Niccolls

Miguel Quiles

"There were a few things that really stood out to me. The first thing was the autofocus performance. All three lenses paired up with the α7C did a great job at quickly finding her eye within the frame and keeping her in focus. It's still pretty crazy to think that I had three full-frame lenses, a full-frame camera and a flash inside of this small sling bag that fits about three bottles of water. I think this is going to be interesting for lifestyle and travel photographers as well as videographers who want to use some of the smaller gimbals out on the market." – Miguel Quiles

ZY Productions

“Auto focus performance – fast, silent. Images are sharp in the center and no slouch in the corners either. Actually the frame-wide sharpness is very impressive for such a small lens. These three certainly do live up to their ‘G’ badging, although these are probably rocking the cutest little G badges I’ve ever seen on a Sony lens.” – ZY Productions

“Among the bigger performance lenses you would pack for work, it’s a really nice change of scene to see something that’s a bit more laid back for times when you just want to kick into light mode, but still have some really decent glass without being weighed down.” – ZY Productions

PhotoRec TV

“These are great lenses. They’re good looking, they perform well. I can recommend them. But as we discussed, this is a crowded space – though I think Sony is doing a good job of standing apart, offering some of the smallest, lightest and best performing glass. I love all of the choices. Crowded space? Bring it on. If you appreciate the physical controls in this adorable little portable size and lightweight lens, and rest easy knowing that these are going to perform well on the higher megapixel cameras that we have now and that are coming down the road – again I can recommend them.” – Toby Gelston

Gordon Laing

“The Sony 24mm f/2.8 G is an attractive mid-priced prime lens for anyone who enjoys wide-angle photography. The quality is sharp across the frame even at large apertures, the focusing quick and quiet, and the lens well featured with weather sealing, a focus hold button, and a de-clickable aperture ring. Best of all you’re getting a decent degree of performance in a very compact and lightweight lens, making for a very portable combination with Sony’s smaller bodies. Meanwhile APS-C owners will enjoy milder, but still useful 36mm equivalent coverage.” – Gordon Laing

“Overall the Sony 24mm f/2.8 G is a solid choice for wide-angle photographers who value portability over the shallowest depth of field effects or smoothest rendering. It plays to its strengths, delivering sharp results, even on the highest resolution bodies and fast reliable autofocus. Most of all, I’m delighted Sony has made some new small lenses, and hope more are in the pipeline. The E-mount catalog now has something for everyone.” – Gordon Laing

Sidney Diongzon

“I think these lenses are perfect for creators that just got their first full-frame camera. Or if they’ve been using an APS-C camera body like the α6600 but they want to upgrade to a full-frame camera one day and they’re looking to invest in full-frame lenses instead of APS-C lenses, then these new lenses are for you.” – Sidney Diongzon

“Also these lenses are perfect for any filmmaker or photographer looking for a really lightweight lens to carry. Sometimes a thick boy like the 24-70 G Master lens can be too heavy to carry. So if you are looking for a more lightweight option but what a lens that still has good performance and produces really high quality images and photos, then I would consider checking out these prime lenses.” – Sidney Diongzon

Three Blind Men And An Elephant Productions

“These lenses are for enthusiasts and pros in their own right – especially for travel, street, documentary.”

“I think these are compelling little lenses in the real world. I think they are going to be a big hit, and I think they are going to drive more people into Sony’s full frame ecosystem.” – Hugh Brownstone

Dan Watson

“All three of these lenses are just packed with features. I did not expect to have this much built into a lens that costs this little and is really this compact. So if you want something that just gives you ultimate auto focus performance, plus the image quality in something that can’t get much smaller than this – this is going to be for you.” – Dan Watson


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