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Hands On With The New Sony 40mm f/2.5 G

Sony just revealed a new set of G-Lens Ultra Compact Primes, and in it includes the new 40mm f/2.5 G. Combining high resolution performance and beautiful bokeh with an intriguing focal length, the 40mm f/2.5 G lens is sure to be a popular choice among photographers. We connected with a select group of photographers who have been creating with the lenses prior to their announcement. Ira Block, Caroline Jensen, Nate Luebbe, Phil Nguyen, Chris Orwig, Oveck Reyes and Autumn Schrock each tested the new G-Lens set in a variety of scenarios. In this article we take a look at their hands-on results taken with the 40mm f/2.5 G and see what they have to say about its performance.

A group of creatives had the chance to try out the new Sony 40mm f/2.5 G in advance of its release. See their first images taken with the lens and what they have to say about its performance.

"This was my first time shooting with a 40mm prime, and I found it to be a really great focal length for environmental portraits. I found myself shooting with this 40mm the most out of the three lenses I was testing. I’m a tighter shooter – I like telephoto compression. 24mm can sometimes feel a bit too wide for my liking, and 50mm can sometimes feel too tight. 40mm might just be one of my favorite new focal lengths!" – Autumn Schrock


Photo by Autumn Schrock. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 6-secs., f/2.5, ISO 100

“40mm is a different length. It’s just a bit tighter than the 35mm but it does have a nice feel. People think the 50mm gives you a ‘normal’ perspective and compression, so this 40mm f/2.5 G lens is in that middle area. I was surprised that I enjoyed using it so much. I’m looking forward to adding the 40mm G lens to my kit. It will be fun to look at the world through a new length lens.” – Ira Block


Photo by Ira Block. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/400-sec., f/4, ISO 800

“I used the 40mm to do a shoot for a small business owner in my town. I captured everything from the interior shots of the shop to portraits in multiple locations. I had never used a 40mm so it was a brand new experience to me but I absolutely loved it. The 40 gives you a natural and relaxed view of the world. And it’s especially helpful when working in smaller spaces and you need a bit more coverage. I loved how I could step back to show more of the scene and move in close to capture portraits. And I love the feeling of the portraits - natural, authentic and beautiful.” – Chris Orwig


Photo by Chris Orwig. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/160-sec., f/2.5, ISO 400

"The 40mm is not uncommon for me at all, I've shot on my film camera with a 40mm before and loved the focal length. It's the perfect in-between lens. The size, weight and overall performance of the 40mm f/2.5 G lens definitely stand out. This will absolutely have a regular place in my kit moving forward." – Oveck Reyes


Photo by Oveck Reyes. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/160-sec., f/2.5, ISO 125

"The 40mm focal length is perfect for that middle ground where the 50mm is too tight but I don’t want to crop in from 24mm. It’s an unusual focal length but I found it to be a really versatile lens. I used the 40mm f/2.5 G for environmental portraits. It's a little wider than a standard 'nifty fifty' so it's perfect for shooting a portrait that's wide enough to include the landscape, too. I absolutely loved it! This is the perfect middle ground between wide-angle landscapes and tighter portrait-style lenses." – Nate Luebbe


Photo by Nate Luebbe. Sony α7 III. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/1250-sec., f/2.5, ISO 100

"I love the 40mm as a walkaround lens. I find that it’s perfect for nearly all situations. Not too tight, not too wide, but just perfect. 40mm is becoming one of my favorite focal lengths because it’s so versatile. The size and weight of this 40mm f/2.5 G lens makes it the perfect everyday lens. I can see this lens staying on my camera for an extended amount of time. Along with its size, the versatility of the 40mm would make this one of my most-used lenses." – Phil Nguyen


Photo by Phil Nguyen. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/125-sec., f/2.5, ISO 800

“The 40mm f/2.5 G is a super fun, super versatile compact, lightweight and high-quality little lens. I was completely surprised at how well it worked for me and how much I loved working with it! I think a big part of that was using a completely new and different focal length and the other part was how small, nimble and fun it was to work with. In a way, it felt like cheating as it made capturing a range of images so easy and fun. I really enjoyed the size, lightness and simplicity of this lens. It made me think less about the camera/lens and more about the moment.”  – Chris Orwig


Photo by Chris Orwig. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/640-sec., f/2.5, ISO 400

“I really like the 40mm focal length. It gives a little more environment than a 50mm without distortion. It’s a sweet spot that makes it a nice substitute for a 35mm and a 50mm. If small, light and high quality is your goal, then try this 40mm f/2.5 G lens! It was great for lifestyle photography. I shot a session for a family making cookies and a birthday party and found it perfect for details and the bigger scene. The bokeh was surprisingly good. I also shot nature, cookie baking with little kiddos, and a big birthday party. It was a surprise favorite. That smidgen of extra width over the fifty helped me a lot.” – Caroline Jensen


Photo by Caroline Jensen. Sony α7R IV. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/400-sec., f/2.8, ISO 200

"I don’t shoot with a lot of primes, but something about the 40mm clicked with me. I never felt like I needed to switch to a different focal length, which is ideal when you’re out adventuring in a dusty environment like Utah. I am still in disbelief at how lightweight this 40mm G lens is! The compact size is amazing." – Autumn Schrock


Photo by Autumn Schrock. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/3200-sec., f/3.2, ISO 100

“After getting a chance to use the 40mm f/2.5 G, I think I need it! I wasn’t really expecting that, but this lens let me shoot just about everything without getting in the way. A high quality 40mm wasn’t on my radar at all, but I can see choosing this lens over a 24mm/50mm or 35mm/50mm combo, if space and weight are an issue. This lens is purse ready! Size, weight, quality and versatility are at the heart of this lens. It’s a perfect lens for someone who shoots a lot of carried subjects! It’s incredible versatility! It hits a sweet spot for so many applications. The 40mm G is the perfect lens for having on you at all times. I’d have it in a lens bag in any bag I’m carrying!” – Caroline Jensen


Photo by Caroline Jensen. Sony α7R IV. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/200-sec., f/2.5, ISO 800

“Different focal length lenses give us the ability to see the world from different points of view. Using this 40mm G lens was so new and interesting to me that it awakened some inner creativity that had been hiding inside. And this is what I liked most. I feel like I have made a new friend with this little light weight and awesome quality lens!” – Chris Orwig


Photo by Autumn Schrock. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/100-sec., f/20, ISO 100

"I'm just completely baffled by the size of the 40mm f/2.5 G. It’s unbelievably compact, and f/2.5 is more than enough aperture for me. It’s very hard to narrow down one specific standout thing with this lens, to be honest. It’s just amazing all around." – Nate Luebbe


Photo by Ira Block. Sony α7C. Sony 40mm f/2.5 G. 1/80-sec., f/3.5, ISO 640


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