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Welcome Sony Artisan Of Imagery Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk is a man of many talents. He’s the consummate adventurer-explorer, traveling to the far reaches of the planet and bringing back the stories of the place and the people. Renan’s love of photography and filmmaking grew from his passion for painting and mountain climbing. His work has appeared in National Geographic magazine and the Sundance Film Festival.

Now Renan Ozturk brings that passion for exploration and creativity to the Sony Artisans Of Imagery.

Renan’s journey to Sony started with the RX100 and then the full-frame mirrorless α7. He explains, “I had, the RX100 cameras for a while, but for full-on professional grade photography, it was the full-frame a7 that really got me to go to Sony. That was three years ago when they first came out with the α7. It was half the size and weight of anybody else's cameras. That makes a big difference for me when I'm trying to move in these remote environments. I’m counting the grams and cutting the tags off my jackets to make everything lighter so that I can afford to bring the cameras on the trip in the first place.”

Today Renan relies on the α7R II for stills and 4K video. “With the α7R II, I have everything at my fingertips. I’ve got high-res, publishable raw stills, full frame, and the huge dynamic range. I can shoot high-end, beautiful still photographs and 4K video in this tiny package that's smaller than anything else out there. There's nothing that compares to it.”


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Welcome Sony Artisan of Imagery Neil Leifer

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