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What's In My Bag: Travel YouTuber Brett Conti Takes Us Through His Content Creation Kit

We're fans of travel YouTuber and entrepreneur Brett Conti's videos and vlogs. His content is always beautifully produced and he has tons of real-world advice and insight on how much things really cost when you're half way around the world. Conti took his subscribers along with him as he spent a full year doing what was important to him...traveling the world (and burning through a fair amount of cash with a purpose). Currently, Conti is back in New York for the duration of the coronavirus quarantine, but that's not stopping him from keeping his nearly 200k subscribers up to date with a constant stream of content. We caught up with Conti to find out about the cameras, lenses, mics and other gear he uses to create his videos. 



Sony α7 III: My main shooting camera. I typically shoot everything with this camera in 4K 24fps and then also utilize the 1080p 120 fps.

Sony ZV-1: I got one of these new cameras prior to the announcement and it's become the camera that is now always in my pocket for run-and-gun shots. It's a mini-content beast and it's perfect for travel creators.

Sony RX0: Good for shots from a unique perspective and very durable and water resistant.


Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master: This is my favorite lens for vlogging and the f/2.8 makes the footage look incredible and cinematic. 

Sony 24-105mm f/4 G: The 24-105mm is a versatile compact lens that's great for b-roll.

Other Gear

Sennheiser Lav Mic: For shots when I want to record my audio but may be far away from the on-camera mic.

Brevite Bag: This bag is compact and it's proven itself to be super durable.

Joby Gorilla Pod: The Gorilla Pod clamps easily onto most things, allowing me to position my cameras almost anywhere.

Backup α7 III Batteries: These batteries are amazing and typically last a full day of shooting. 

Solgaard Speaker & External Charger: Solar panel speaker that is perfect to blast when shooting a time lapse and can charge your phone/camera gear.

DJI Mavic Pro 2: This is my favorite drone right now for its size and the quality it can shoot.


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Behind The Shot: Unable To Travel, How A Photographer Reminds Himself That 'This Too Shall Pass'

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