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Which Sony Mirrorless Camera Is Right For You?

With Sony's expanding full-frame mirrorless lineup, you might not be sure which camera will best suit your needs as a photographer. B&H Explora walks through the features of the most current models – the α7 II series and the α9 – to help you get a sense of which Sony mirrorless is the right choice for you.

Breaking down the features into categories, Shawn C. Steiner of B&H Explora tests and discusses each camera's image quality, performance, body design and video capabilities.

In testing the autofocus and speed, Steiner wasn't surprised by the results, "Luckily, nothing unusual happened during this round of testing. Each camera fell exactly where I expected it to. The α9 is remarkable, with its brand-new 693-point AF system, which you should read more about here. Combine this with its 20 fps shooting speed and you really have an insane camera for sports and action."

He also takes a look at the dynamic range of each camera, "Keeping this test grounded in the real world, we had to look at dynamic range and the malleability of raw files in post." Shooting under a bridge with part dark shadow/part sunlight, he finds that, "The α7R II appears to have the most dynamic range from these files, and the α7 II seems to lose a little something in the highlights, with the α9 and α7S II falling somewhere in the middle."

In conclusion Steiner writes, "All the cameras performed extremely well, and you really shouldn’t have any issues to worry about. Use this information to know more about how your camera performs in certain situations, to help yourself create even better images."

You can find the break down of each camera and test results at BHPhotoVideo.com


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The Mirrorless Advantage

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