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Whimsical Pierogi-Making Stop Motion Wins #SonyTimewarp Contest

Congratulations to Emily Rasinski for winning our Sony Alpha Female #SonyTimewarp contest. Emily wins a Sony ZV-1 camera for her short stop-motion film, “Let's Make Pierogi,” which she posted to her @the_pierogi_experiment account.

"I'm fairly new to stop-motion video," Emily says, "but I have been a photographer for more than a decade. The majority of that time I was a photojournalist, which meant sticking to strict journalistic rules and ethics. Coming from a journalistic background, getting into stop-motion has been extremely freeing! There are no rules and your only parameters are the limits of your imagination. You can literally make inanimate objects come alive. It's magic!" 

Combining her recent foray into stop-motion and life-long love of pierogi with the daily challenges of COVID-19 sparked Emily's imagination and motivated her to create her @the_pierogi_experiment Instagram. "Stop motion video has given me an opportunity to play and truly have fun with photography. My family loves pierogi, we make them every year. Over the last few months, I've been animating pierogi and sharing the videos with my friends and family as a way to distract everyone from the doldrums of quarantine life. For this video I wanted to show the process of making pierogi, but without people."

For the month of February 2021, you can get in the running to win a Sony ZV-1 in our Alpha Female+ Video Contest. See all the details and how to enter HERE

See more about the Alpha Female+ program and how you can win a grant worth $8000+ in case and Sony cameras and lenses HERE


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