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#WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits: Coming Through The Wall

We've teamed up with Sony Artisan Of Imagery Brooke Shaden for #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits challenges, where you take a self portrait against a blank wall every Wednesday and see what your creativity can morph it into from there. Throughout the challenge Shaden will show her own White Wall Wednesday results along with a video that walks you through her entire workflow from start to finish. Check out this video to learn how she created this "Coming Through The Wall" shot at home. Challenge yourself to create one of your own and post it to Instagram using #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits.

See how Brooke Shaden creates her own white wall self portraits and challenge yourself to make your own. #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits

"Over a decade a go when I first started photography I created this one image where it looked like I was coming out of a wall. I did it with the simplest tools possible. I just used a bed sheet, some scissors, some tape and myself. And it wasn't so easy to put together – I had to learn a ton of things when I did it. But it remains one of my most popular images and one that I see the most innovation in, in terms of how I came to that conclusion of how to do it."

Shaden revisits this idea and walks you through how to create your own "Coming Through The Wall" image. Grab your camera, tape, scissors and an old bed sheet to get started. Post your results on Instagram using #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits and follow the hashtag to see the work of others too

Watch more of Brooke Shaden's videos for creators on her YouTube Channel and check out more of her work on Instagram (@brookeshaden).


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Introducing #WhiteWallWednesdayPortraits...A Self-Portrait Photo Challenge For Social Isolation

Brooke Shaden's How-To Guide To Self-Portraits, A Creative Outlet As We Practice Social Distancing

It Starts With A Sketch: How This Photographer Strives to Create A Self-Portrait Every Day

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