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WPPI 2017 - Day 2 Preview

Wednesday, February 8th will be Day 2 of WPPI 2017 in Las Vegas and the Sony booth (#304) will have plenty of action you won't want to miss!

Watch and learn from the best in the business as our Sony experts and Sony Artisans take to the presentation stage (located at the front of the booth) to discuss gear, the business of photography, technique, their approach and process, and much more!

10:00-10:25 Brian Smith Shoot Better!!

10:30-10:55 Robert Evans The Power Of Simple

11:00-11:25 Brooke Shaden Self-Portraiture & Posing

11:30-11:55 Patrick Murphy-Racey Similarities Between Wedding & Sports Photography

12:00-12:10 Sony Experts The Latest Products From Sony

12:15-12:25 Miguel Quiles Sony Flash System Demo

12:30-12:55 Me Ra Koh The Evolving Lens

1:00-1:25 Brian Smith Shoot Better!

1:30-1:55 Miguel Quiles One Light Studio Portrait (Live Demo)

2:00-2:25 Brooke Shaden Designing Unique Sets

2:30-2:55 Robert Evans The Power Of Simple

3:00-3:25 Mike Colón The Ultimate Wedding Camera (Live Shoot)

3:00-3:55 Sara France Shooting With Continuous Lights (Live Shoot)

You'll also want to be sure to bring your Sony camera to the VIP Lounge where you can charge up your devices, hydrate, get your photo printed on a cappuccino, score some Sony swag, and grab a pastry!

Want to talk about gear? The product counter at the Sony booth is manned by Sony experts who can give you all the answers you need and let you get your hands on Sony's all-star lineup. 



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