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4K Film School Camera Basics

Sep 16, 2016

4K Film School Camera Basics

As part of a series on 4K shooting and editing, the crew at Teton Gravity Research goes through camera basics in this video. As they cover basic camera settings including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, you'll see how to set up your camera to get brilliant-looking 4K video in any conditions.

Since their start in 1995, Teton Gravity Research has been known for their incredible ski, snowboard and surf films. From their beginnings in Alaska, the group is now located in the iconic Teton Mountain town of Jackson Hole. For TGR, the world is their laboratory. Partnering with Sony for this 4K Film School series, they share what the team has learned about making the best of the best adventure sports films for the past 21 years. 

Video Run Time: 5:02