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Cristina Mittermeier Captures The Last Ice Of Greenland

Jun 06, 2017

Cristina Mittermeier Captures The Last Ice Of Greenland

Sony Artisan Of Imagery Cristina Mittermeier describes her Last Ice Of Greenland work. It's part of an assignment for the National Geographic Pristine Seas project which is National Geographic’s largest initiative dedicated to environmental preservation. Mittermeier went to northern Greenland which is one of the last places in the Arctic where there’s still summer sea ice. She traveled by dogsled with traditional Inuit hunters to document the people, their way of life and the rapidly changing environment which is literally melting beneath their feet.

In this video, Mittermeier describes the project and how she created some of the most powerful images of the Last Ice Of Greenland. She talks about the images in terms of the story content as well as her shooting techniques and camera settings in the challenging conditions. As a conservation photographer, Mittermeier is always keenly interested in how the environment is changing, but she doesn’t just focus on the landscape, her work is always about the connection between the people and their place in the world.