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Celebrating Alpha Females On International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an important celebration of all that women have achieved across the globe. Female photographers everywhere have joined the Alpha Female movement and are proving that they are powerful beyond measure through how and what they create. Today on International Women’s Day, we highlight the various pieces of the Alpha Female community. Check out the different ways to get involved and immerse yourself in this wonderful community filled with creativity, knowledge and support.


The Alpha Female website is where you can keep up to date on all Alpha Female news and sign up to stay informed about the next phase of the Creator-In-Residence Experience. You can also learn more about the first group of Alpha Female Creators-In-Residence: Danielle Da Silva (@thedanielledasilva), Nitashia Johnson (@nitashiajohnson), Megan Allen (@studio22photography), Colette Robinson (@coletterobinson) and Erin Hogue (@erinhogue) and their Sony Artisan mentors: Cristina Mittermeier, Brooke Shaden, Me Ra Koh, Caroline Jensen and Sara France. Be sure to visit often to stay in the loop!

Alpha Female Facebook Group

Joining the Alpha Female Facebook group is an excellent way to connect and collaborate with other Alpha Females. Share what you’re working on, ask for advice or simply cheer on another female creative. This group is all about empowering each other to realize your dreams and the steps needed to achieve them.


The Alpha Female movement is now on Instagram! Follow @sonyalphafemale to keep up with the movement and see more photos featured that were taken by female photographers. Use #SonyAlphaFemale on your Sony photos for your own chance to be featured on the account.


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Alpha Female Month #1: Getting Started

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