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Three Essential Tips For Shooting Better Videos

In this video episode of Artisan Advice, Youtube creator and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shares some tips he’s picked up over the years that will help you improve your videos. “If you implement these tips in your upcoming video shoots,” he says, “I promise it will save you time and make your videos much more enjoyable to watch.” Read more on the three tips below and watch the video to see what it looks like in practice.

Youtube creator and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shares his 3 tips for creating better videos.

1. Hold & Repeat Your Shots

“Anytime I’m shooting a video, whether it’s showing something on screen or even talking to the camera, I always make sure to hold that shot a little bit longer than what might feel intuitive. And then I repeat that same clip again just in case I messed up the first time and didn’t catch it. Using this hold and repeat method will give you more flexibility when you’re editing your videos and it can often save you time from having to go back out and shoot a clip.”

2. Shoot B-Roll & Create A B-Roll Catalog

“Anytime you’re shooting a video you’ll want to come up with creative ideas for alternative angles or shots that you could take to help your videos pacing. Ideally you’ll want to have something different visually every 4-6 seconds on the screen. At times that can be a separate camera angle or maybe a little clip that shows whatever you’re talking about in the video. Make sure you capture as much B-roll as possible and even if you don’t use all of the clips for that specific video, I’d recommend building a catalog of footage and saving them for later use.” 

3. Shoot Tight, Middle & Wide-Angle Shots Whenever Possible

“You want to make sure that you’re shooting tight, middle and wide-angle shots whenever possible. Let’s say you’re doing a travel film and you’re talking about this interesting pond that you found. It might be natural to capture a wide-angle shot to establish where you are and what you’re talking about, but it’s also a good idea to capture a middle-ground shot that may cut into the scene a little bit closer. And then potentially capturing some close-up details around the area so that you can have a good variety of shots to switch to every 4-6 seconds.”

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