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Check Out These Must-Subscribe Photography & Filmmaking YouTube Vloggers

There is always plenty to learn and to keep up with in the creative industry. With new gear, new techniques, new trends – you have to actively educate yourself so you can adapt your work to stay on top of the latest. YouTube can be a great resource for learning more about the newest gear and watching tutorials for specific types of creation, and there are many creatives out there who are sharing their knowledge via vlogs and videos. Below we’ve rounded up a group of Sony shooters who are sharing their wisdom and experience on YouTube. Subscribe to their channels, to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube and stay tuned to Alpha Universe as we feature more YouTubers in the coming weeks.

Learn more about these vloggers and YouTubers who are posting videos about photography and filmmaking gear, tips, tutorials and more.

Drew Geraci (District 7)

Sony Artisan and timelapse master Drew Geraci has a YouTube Channel where he shares fun and informative reviews, tech tips, and camera tutorials for photographers, cinematographers and ‘tech nerds’! With all of the 4K footage he produces, he has a ton of insight on processing power and best setups to help you get the job done. Subscribe to his channel if you like anything photo/video/tech-related and to see more beautiful footage taken with his Sony Alpha cameras and even his Xperia PRO-I like in the video below (learn more about his switch to Xperia here.)

Jenna Ezarik

When you watch the videos on Jenna Ezarik’s YouTube Channel, you can expect to see everything from tech, video games, travel, vlogging and more. You can learn more about how she uses G Master lenses to capture different perspectives on her travels for her vlogs here. You can also catch Jenna as co-host in Sony’s new series The Lowdown, giving viewers an inside look into the world of Sony Electronics. See the previous two episodes here and go behind-the-scenes of one of the episodes in her video below.

Sidney Diongzon

Sidney Diongzon’s YouTube Channel is full of camera gear reviews, tutorials, behind-the-scenes vlogs and more. If you’re a creative who loves to explore the latest gear and gadgets, you can watch his videos for a wealth of information on what might be best for you. Since Sidney is a photographer and filmmaker, he’s able to fully test and review the gear in a way that’s helpful for those in the industry. You’ll also see him pop up on other YouTube Channels, like in Sony’s last two episodes of The Lowdown, a new series giving viewers an inside look into the world of Sony Electronics. See the latest episodes here and stay tuned to Alpha Universe for future episodes.

Pierre T. Lambert

Global travel photographer and vlogger Pierre T. Lambert loves to create videos that share his greatest passion – photography. Creatives can watch the vlogs on his YouTube Channel to see how the latest gear performs in the real shooting scenarios and for tips on camera settings, post-production and more. Get a glimpse at the type of content he creates in his video below on shooting shy street photography with the Sony Alpha 7S III and Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens.


On Justine Ezarik’s “iJustine” YouTube Channel, you’ll find videos focused on tech, video games, travel, vlogging and more. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about technology and often shares her thoughts on the latest gear she uses for entertainment or to document her adventures. You can learn more about how she uses G Master lenses to capture different perspectives on her travels here, and see her video below on the new Alpha 7 IV.

Jason Vong

Jason Vong is a hybrid photo and video Sony shooter and on his YouTube Channel you can find camera reviews, photo and video tutorials and travel vlogs. He dives into the various gear he’s used for his work and provides real-world photo and video examples to give you an honest look at the results. Watch the video about how he uses the Xperia PRO-I below and see more about how he uses it on location to create here.

Matt ‘WhoIsMatt’ Johnson

Matt Johnson is a wedding filmmaker and the vlogs on his YouTube Channel focus on helping you make better wedding films and other videos. From wedding filmmaker training and behind-the-scenes wedding vlogs to video editing gear tips and color grading tutorials, there’s a ton of great information throughout Johnson’s videos that other filmmakers will find helpful. He mainly shoots with the Sony Alpha 7S III and you can see how he uses that plus the Alpha 7 IV in the video below to create a behind-the-scenes video of an elopement.

That Icelandic Guy

Arnulfur Hakonarson, aka “That Icelandic Guy,” is a photographer, videographer and content creator who is from Iceland and currently living in Sweden. Through his videos on his YouTube Channel he says he likes to teach things, so you’ll find plenty of tutorials, some gear talk and also plenty of vlogs and other content. He says he’s a Sony Alpha shooter to the bones, using cameras like the Alpha 6400 and Alpha 6300, and even a Sony Xperia device as his phone. Learn more about how to cut and edit footage to music in his video tutorial below.

Michael Amarico (North Borders)

Michael Amarico is a travel photographer and creative behind the North Borders YouTube Channel. His videos and vlogs show his photography adventures around the world, and you check out a sample in the video below as he travels to the island of Madeira for a sunset and night photo shoot. He uses his Sony Alpha 7S III to shoot video and his Sony Alpha 7R IV for his photography - follow his channel as he uses both to create a fun mix of travel vlogging and photography content.

Tom Peters (Photo Ninja)

Tom Peters is the man behind the Photo Ninja YouTube Channel, and on it you’ll find a solid arsenal of nature and landscape photography vlogs. Learn how to shoot intimate landscape photography, how to shoot for the light, how to create seascape images and much more. Peters uses the Sony Alpha 7R IV and a variety of G Master lenses for his photography. If you’re an outdoor photographer, you’ll want to check out his vlogs for more information and inspiration.


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