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A Look At The Creators' Cloud Monitor & Control App

The Sony Monitor & Control application is the newest addition to the Creators’ Cloud platform and is now supported by the Sony FX3 and Sony FX30. So, what does it do? Visual creators will be excited to hear that the Monitor & Control mobile app will provide more creative freedom by enabling wireless monitoring, high-precision exposure adjustment and focus control on the larger screen of your smartphone or tablet. Keep reading to dive deeper into the app’s capabilities and learn even more about the new Sony Monitor & Control app HERE.

Sony Monitor & Control App

Highly Flexible Shooting Style

With wireless monitoring, creators can use their smartphone or tablet as a wireless second screen for the camera to set up and control the camera remotely. This enables creators to have an even more flexible shooting style because they can easily access basic camera controls from the second screen, like starting and stopping recording or adjusting the ISO.

Sony Monitor & Control App

Precise Exposure Monitoring

High-precision exposure adjustment gives creators powerful assistance tools for precise exposure monitoring while shooting. The screen can provide a histogram display to give you a quick view of the overall brightness of your image, or it can also serve as a waveform monitor to help you identify the exposure level throughout your image. Both of these update in real time and are easily customizable to match your shooting needs. The app also provides an optional false color overlay if you want help dialing in the perfect exposure on your subject.

Sony Monitor & Control App

Intuitive Focus Controls

The Monitor & Control app also provides creators with access to a variety of intuitive focus controls like Touch Focus and AF Sensitivity, and a control bar on the side of the screen to enable control of settings, including manual focus. Because of the wireless connection, another user can tap a subject shown on the second screen from the tablet or smartphone to track their subject using Real-time Tracking. This way, the camera operator can concentrate on moving the camera without worrying about focusing. This is another major enhancement in the quest to provide freedom for creators to create.

Sony Monitor & Control App

The new app even provides control of Picture Profile/Scene file settings, LUT switching and other operations. LUT can also be applied in Log shooting so that an image resembling the finished image after post-production can be checked on a larger screen while recording.

Sony Monitor & Control App

Learn more about the new Sony Monitor & Control app HERE.


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