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Associated Press Wins Multiple Pulitzer Prizes For Photography

In a year that will go down in history among the most tumultuous of modern times, The Associated Press has won awards for breaking news and feature photography. In a  statement regarding the value of outstanding work done by photojournalists, J. David Ake, AP assistant managing editor and director of photography said, “The outstanding work of the AP photography staff in covering racial justice protests and Emilio Morenatti’s compassionate, year-long look at the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly in Spain are two shining examples of what photojournalists strive to do everywhere: use light and shadow to bring knowledge and understanding to all corners of the globe.”


Photo by Emilio Morenatti, courtesy of The Associated Press

Emilio Morenatti, AP’s chief photographer in Spain, earned the feature photography prize for his work covering the impact of COVID-19 in that country. His work is beautifully touching, full of compassion, and heartbreaking. He documented the devastation and loss of the elderly, often seen alone in life and death. To tell these stories, Morenatti spent months separated from his family so as not to put them at risk of exposure. You can see more about his COVID-19 coverage in “A year of fear, loss, and hope – Photographing the Pandemic” on the apimagesblog.


Photo by Emilio Morenatti, courtesy of The Associated Press

The AP won in the breaking news category for its ability to cover the immense scale of racial justice protests throughout the U.S after the death of George Floyd, a Black man murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. As they documented these highly emotional events, photographers faced tear gas, rubber bullets, and attacks from counter-protesters, they captured some of the most impactful images of the events that gripped the nation. One AP staff photographer, Julio Cortez, took an image of an upside-down flag being carried in the street from a burning liquor store by a protester that has been widely seen as portraying the mood of last years' deviation. You can see that photograph and a slideshow of the other award-winning images on the AP's blog HERE.

“It is a tremendous honor to win not only one, but two Pulitzer Prizes for photography, and a true testament to the talent and dedication of AP photojournalists,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt. “These photographers told the stories of the year through remarkable and unforgettable images that resonated around the world.”

See more about the Pulitzer Prizes earned by the Associated Press HERE and HERE. 


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