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Beat The Winter Blues & Follow These Travel Creatives On TikTok

If you can’t actually escape to beautiful location right now, at least you have the option to transport yourself there through TikTok. We’ve rounded up a group of travel creatives who are trotting the globe with their Sony Alpha cameras and sharing their stories along the way. Follow their account on the platform to help beat the winter blues, and don’t forget to follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

Escape to paradise and follow these travel creatives who are trotting the globe with their Sony Alpha cameras and sharing their stories on TikTok.


Follow @sonyalpha on TikTok to keep up with the latest in the Sony creative community. Watch videos made by creatives, for creatives – like in this post created by @colepark.er (who you can learn more about below.) 

Jess Dales – @jess.wandering

Jess is a Seattle-based travel creative and member of the Alpha Collective. She captures gorgeous footage of her travels and shares them with her viewers on TikTok. If you’re looking for that tropical escape, her videos will put you right out on the water with her as if you’re there. Follow her to see which adventure she takes on next.

Victoria Yore – @followmeaway

Victoria Yore is one half of the TikTok Channel @followmeway. On this TikTok account, she aims to inspire others to travel and to get the confidence to plan their own dream trip. She captures beautiful videos of the places she visits and incorporates her travel tips into them to help you with your next excursion. Yore has shared her advice on creating TikTok videos and how photographers can leverage the platform here. Follow her TikTok account to see which location she explores with her camera next.

Roamfree Rebecca – @roamfreerebecca

Rebecca is an adventure travel photographer, and her TikTok account is all about helping you travel and get outdoors with your camera. She shares great videos from the perspective of a travel photographer to give you a glimpse at her life on the go. She also provides great photography tips, making her account a great one to check out if you want to take your travel photos to the next level.  Follow her for photography tips, travel inspiration and more content made for other creatives. 

Cole Parker – @colepark.er

Cole Parker is a photographer based in San Diego, California, so he can escape to his own paradise right in his backyard. His TikTok features the stunning landscapes of the state, often giving a behind-the-scenes look at him capturing them with his Sony Alpha like in the video below featuring his Sony Alpha 7 III and Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens. Follow his account for more colorful sunsets and sprawling coastlines in your feed.

Jorden Tually – @jordentually

Jorden Tually explores the world sharing travel stories, and these aren’t just any travel stories. Tually goes on some pretty insane adventures with his camera, vlogging the extreme experiences so it feels like you’re there witnessing it for yourself. He uses cameras like the Sony Alpha 6000 and Sony ZV-1 to capture the action. Follow his account to see which insane experience he dives into next.

Jake and Kaylee – @theglobewanderers

Jake and Kaylee are an engaged couple who wander the globe together. Watch their TikTok videos as they travel to tropical paradises like Hawaii and Bora Bora. They’ll give you great ideas for places to escape with your significant other, and they shoot their videos with the Sony Alpha 7R II and 35mm f/1.4 lens. Follow their account to keep up with their love and exploration around the world.

Max Loew – @maxloew

Max Loew is a travel and adventure photographer based in the Bay Area. On his TikTok account you’ll see video captures of the beautiful outdoor places he travels to with his Sony Alpha 7R III, like this incredible timelapse he captured in Yosemite below. His go-to lens is the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master because he loves the compression and versatility of it. Follow his account for more visual reminders of just how beautiful our planet really is. 


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