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Why Digital Trends Calls This Camera The Best For YouTube In 2020

Digital Trends’ Daven Mathies recently posted his list of “The Best Cameras For YouTube In 2020,” and the Sony α6600 was named number one. Noting its versatility, built-in stabilization and real-time eye autofocus, Mathies shares why it’s the best camera for most YouTube creators.

“It’s the best camera for most YouTube creators.” – Digital Trends’ Daven Mathies On The Sony α6600

Mathies starts by covering the noteworthy features for YouTubers. “While it’s a relatively small and iterative step forward from the α6500, that’s just proof of how dialed-in Sony’s mirrorless cameras are. The α6600 offers a wealth of features for both the still photographer and videographer, but of note for YouTubers are the 180-degree flip screen, microphone and headphone jacks, 5-axis stabilization, and excellent eye-detection autofocus.”

He continues, “It’s that last feature that sets the α6600 apart. Sony’s Real-Time Eye AF, one of the few new features of the α6600, is the best autofocus system of its type that we’ve tested, and removes one of the biggest pain points for creators who have to be both camera operator and talent. With Real-Time Eye AF, you can simply turn it on and forget about it, trusting the camera to keep you in focus as you move about the frame.”

Mathies calls the camera balanced and affordably priced, with a lot of features packed in a small body. “The Sony α6600 makes a strong case for being the best camera for YouTube thanks to its versatile features, built-in stabilization, and excellent autofocus. It’s one of the most well-rounded mirrorless cameras on the market and the best bang for the buck.”

See what else Daven Mathies had to say about the α6600 for YouTube at digitaltrends.com.


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Atola Visuals In-Depth Review Of The Sony α6600 For Photo & Video

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