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Explore These Creators On YouTube

YouTube offers a vibrant community of creators sharing common interests and passions. Exploring the world of dynamic photographers and filmmakers on YouTube can unveil the captivating magic behind their creations, and embracing others' insights and experimenting with fresh ideas can break creative barriers. Dive into the content of these five shooters and for continuous learning and inspiration, subscribe to Sony Alpha Universe on YouTube to acquire new skills and fuel your creative fire.

Exploring the world of photographers and filmmakers on YouTube can unveil the captivating magic behind their creations and fuel your own creative fire.

Russell Sweet

Russell Sweet is a cinematographer for television, commercial, and film projects. He’s based in Los Angeles, California and is well regarded for his creative eye as well as his drone skills. He has recently launched a YouTube channel where he shares gear advice, film tips, and other cinematography-related content. To kick off this channel, he shared a review of the Sony ZV-E1. He describes how he’s had the Sony FX3 on his wish list for a while now, and was thrilled to see a more price-friendly option come on the market. Take a look to see his full thoughts on the camera. 

Pat Kay

Pat Kay is a travel photographer and vlogger from Sydney, Australia. Kay is all about telling visual stories, and says that street photography is a category of photography that is really dear to his heart. Here, he’s sharing why the Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens is his “secret weapon for unique images.” He explains that 85mm isn’t the typical lens people reach for, unless they are planning on shooting portraits. He shares that he thinks it’s a great focal length for so much more than portraiture. He splits the video up into a few sections: first, covering the compression and bokeh, then the build and portability, then portraiture, street photography, and landscape photography. 

Natalie Lynn

Natalie Lynn is a vlogger with over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. She documents her life experiences through cinematic style vlogs and films. Her audience is drawn to the vintage feel of her footage, her intimate voiceovers, and her humor. She shoots  on her Sony Alpha 6600 and Sony 16-55mm f/2.8 G lens. In the video below, she shares the story of an adventure she and a friend went on and how it impacted her emotionally. 

Kariza Santos

Kariza Santos is a content creator who has recently exploded on YouTube. She’s become popular for her vlogs. Her videos are stunningly shot, with a documentary feel. She shoots with the Sony FX3. Her channel covers seemingly everyday topics including finding hobbies, setting goals, and organizing her life. In the video below, she covers how to film yourself. This seems like an easy thing to do, but it really requires developing some skills and techniques. This is a great thing to learn so you can create your vision solo. 

Sean De Wispelaere

Sean De Wispelaere’s YouTube channel is focused on all things related to cameras, editing, and everything in between. He states that, “I believe that cameras are a learnable language and once you cross the bridge from "how do I use this" to "I'm finally ready to create epic stuff", it can be an incredibly valuable skill.” Sean’s channel is a great one stop shop for learning the basics of filmmaking, photography, and editing. In the video below, he does an in-depth review on the Sony ZV-E1 and how, he believes, it’s an underrated gem of a camera. 


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