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Exploring Photography & Duality In Brooke Shaden’s New YouTube Series, Facing Creativity

In a new series, "Facing Creativity With Brooke Shaden," the Sony Artisan will be sitting down with different creatives to discuss greater creativity. After each discussion, Shaden will join the creative for a photo shoot to push their art to new levels and capture an image that speaks to the limits they want to break free from. In Episode 1 of the series, Shaden is joined by Alpha Collective member Sapna Reddy, who has dual careers as a radiologist and a nature photographer. The two discuss the concept of duality and living a multi-passionate life. 

In Episode 1 of Facing Creativity With Brooke Shaden, the Sony Artisan sits down with radiologist, nature photographer and Alpha Collective member Sapna Reddy to talk about photography, duality & managing multiple passions.

“She juggles two lives while also raising a family and striving for perfection in everything she does,” Shaden explains of Reddy. “Having a dual career and being multi-passionate can be daunting, but Sapna takes the stress of doing it all and turns it into her life’s great purpose.”

After their discussion, the two go out in the field for Reddy to create an image about the duality in all of us. Using the Sony Alpha 7R III, Reddy incorporates the theme into her work photographing unique landscape compositions with puddle reflections, showing how there are different sides to all of us and the important thing is to explore them. 

Watch the full episode below and stay tuned to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more.


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Brooke Shaden's Fine Art With The α7R III

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