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Exploring The World Through Lenses: Meet These Exceptional Photographers On YouTube

In the vast landscape of online content creation, these talented photographers are capturing the beauty of the world and sharing their expertise with a global audience. From the serene vistas of nature to the vibrant pulse of street photography, each of them offers unique perspective and insight. Dive into their YouTube channels to learn about photography, gear and the art of storytelling through the lens. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting your journey, these creators have something valuable to offer. And for even more tips, lessons, and inspiration subscribe to the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel.

Dive into these YouTube channels to learn more about photography, gear and the art of storytelling through the lens.

Toms Jurjaks

Tom Jurjaks is a photographer with a unique perspective. He loves to teach and share his experiences with his viewers through his YouTube Channel. His special interest is in nature and wildlife photography. Whether it's a "Point of View" video or a review of new gear, he aims to educate those who want to learn from his experiences. In the video below, he breaks down the top five best beginner cameras for Sony shooters. 

Dylan Blackburn

Dylan Blackburn is a street and portrait photographer based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Every Sunday, Blackburn posts a new video to his YouTube Channel where he shares his thoughts on his favorite Sony gear, the business of photography, behind the scenes on shoots, and shares his own work. We love this video below, where he takes the Sony Alpha 7C out on a road trip on Route 66 with his Sony 35mm f/1.8, Sony 50 f/2.5 G and Sony 24mm f/2.8 G. He also discusses his thoughts on traveling to make photos and how photographers should invest their money. 

Zach McGee

Zach McGee is a photographer and filmmaker based in Colorado. He is known for his stunning landscape images. And he created his YouTube channel to share tips and tricks in the photography world and behind the scenes vlogs of his adventures. Zach knows quite a bit about Sony cameras and in the video below he walks through his suggested settings for photographing on the Sony Alpha 7 III. He shows each menu page and discusses what factors he considers and why. If you shoot with the Sony Alpha 7 III, we highly recommend this video! 

Curtis Padley

Curtis Padley is a UK-based photographer and filmmaker For stills, he frequently shoots automotive, street, and landscape images. In videography, he focuses heavily on automotive videos in addition to his YouTube content creation. His channel is a trove of gear reviews, technical considerations, and POV vlogs. In this video, he talks through his setup guide for shooting with the Sony Alpha 6400. He explains things clearly and shows examples of the tools he mentions. 

Pat Kay

Pat Kay is a travel photographer and vlogger from Sydney, Australia. Kay is all about telling visual stories, and says that street photography is a category of photography that is really dear to his heart. "It's the first category I tried to learn and master, and over the many years I've built up many different skills and spoke to many pro photographers about how to progress in the craft of street photography." Here, he’s sharing his tips on how to get sharp photos every time, with any camera. This video had over two million views, and we can see why! Pat does a great job breaking down what you need to freeze action and capture tack sharp photos.


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