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First Impressions: The New Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip

Sony recently introduced the Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip, an accessory that gives creators control over the key camera functions and allows you to go between video and still shooting. Reviews for the new grip have been showing up across the web, and we’ve compiled some of the first impressions so you can see what they’re saying about Sony’s latest treat for videographers, filmmakers and photographers.

See what reviewers are saying about Sony’s newest accessory – The GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip.

Alen Palander

"It's fully wireless – it uses bluetooth wireless communication which means you can simply aim and shoot with no cables in your way. Now this is huge for me because all the devices I've been using in the past have come with super long, annoying cables. I'm so used to devices that have a hundred wires and connecting cords and everything like that, but because there are no wires there is nothing getting in your way. I think that makes it super useful when you're shooting and of course a lot less stressful."

"With the new grip you are able to switch between normal and selfie orientation very quickly which increases your chances of getting that shot that you want a tilt function also has been added to make it easy to set up and provide you with the ideal angles for a wide range of subjects and different viewpoints now what I meant by the whole accessibility aspect of the actual grip is that they've added a whole bunch of features that make it super flexible."

Jason Vong

"I mean if you vlog a lot think of all the extra milliseconds you could save trying to find your record bun or hearing the shutter and having to reframe yourself. All that can be done right here on the grip. All that extra time's going to make you more money."

Bobby Tonelli - Tech 360

"With the tripod mount, this is going to be great for a lot of vloggers out there. If you're doing makeup tutorials or if you want to show a product, this is perfect. It's a nice easy setup and the footprint as you can see is relatively small so this is great. This is a great travel item – I really like what Sony's done with this."


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Sony Introduces New GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip

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