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Sony α9: First Reactions From Around The Web

On April 19th, 2017, the world was introduced to the latest professional camera. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of hard-working and demanding pros, the Sony α9 is poised to surpass the capabilities of DSLRs. At a press conference and unveiling in New York, journalists and professional photographers had a chance try the camera first hand. Here are some of their first impressions. 

"The camera takes the best of Sony’s camera technologies (be it mirrorless or DSLR) and crams it into a body that’s smaller than most DSLRs in the market." Gadget 360

Holy frames per second Batman! Sony just raised the bar on high-speed sports photography..." PetaPixel

"Full-frame cameras for pro sports and wildlife photographers are the last bastion where dSLRs still rule. But the Sony α9 looks like it has the chops, if not to bring their reign to an end, at least make significant inroads into the territory"

"If Sony has truly succeeded in cramming the power of a pro action DSLR into the body roughly the size of its α7 series of mirrorless cameras, that's a big deal. Smaller cameras mean smaller lenses, which matters when you're using a huge telephoto lens. Sony also brings in-body image stabilization, which is a lot more practical than the optical stabilization in the top DααSLRs." CNET

"The new Sony α9 is finally here; and it seems to be absolutely fantastic" The Phoblographer

"Sony just shocked the world...I am blown away by the specs of this camera." FroKnowsPhoto

"It’s a phrase we don’t say often about the camera world, but Sony surprised us in many ways with the introduction of the α9." Tech Radar

"The Sony α9 camera is able to fire off 241 Compressed RAW photos before hitting a buffer. This camera is also able to shoot 362 Jpeg photos before hitting a buffer. That’s also quite intense – right alongside AF/AE tracking up to 60 measurements per second...

"This camera has a whole lot of specs to go over – the lot of them coming up to a camera that’a made for speed.

"This model is the latest addition to Sony’s massively successful interchangeable camera lineup, and it brings with it a huge array of features...you’d be hard-pressed to snap a shot of a fast moving object that doesn’t come out crisp and perfectly in focus.

"While most modern cameras include WiFi connectivity for wirelessly shuttling photos and videos to a separate device, Sony has one-upped them with the inclusion of an Ethernet port, meaning users can connect the camera directly to a wired Internet connection and transfer the camera’s contents as quickly as possible..."

"Sony’s interchangeable lens camera products are a powerhouse and a major boon for the camera industry as a whole... " Slash Gear

"The Sony α9 is official and ready for a grand entrance with some stunning specifications meant to challenge... Sony has obviously listened to feedback from its other camera systems and introduced quite a few new features in the new Sony α9." HuffPost

"Sony rivals Canon's best camera with the badass α9.... For a few years now, Sony’s been the most innovative name in the camera game... Sony’s new α9 has all the trappings of a a dethroner." Gizmodo

"Sony's new α9 camera is a full-frame mirrorless with ludicrous speed." The Verge

"Sony's α9 is a powerhouse full-frame flagship camera.... Sony's excitement is palpable at the α9 launch event, and for good reason. It has by far the best sensor tech on the market..." Endgadget

"Sony's advanced α9 mirrorless camera is a speed demon in a race against pro DSLRs...the company that created the first full-frame mirrorless camera launched its most advanced camera yet — and it might just be a DSLR killer. " Digital Trends

"The α9 may end up being the most impressive camera on the market.

"...the most alluring thing about switching to Sony? Those sensors. There's really no arguing that they produce gorgeous files at the forefront of the full-frame industry" Fstoppers



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