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Gear, Lighting, Apps & More: Self-Portrait Tips From Pro Miguel Quiles

Professional photographer Miguel Quiles likes to hone his skills as a photographer by practicing self-portraiture. “Shooting self portraits is an excellent way for you to practice and improve your photography and lighting stills,” he says. In this video tutorial, the Sony Artisan shows us how he sets up to shoot self portraits. Watch as he explains which gear to use, lighting tips and how you can pair your phone and camera using the Sony Imaging Edge mobile app to get the shot.

Professional photographer and Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles shares his gear tips and more in this video tutorial for creating self portraits.

Lighting can be tricky to master, and here Quiles explains each different type of light he uses to get the look he’s going after. “When it comes to shooting a portrait that you’ll eventually cut yourself out of the background,” explains Quiles,” you’ll want to have some strong edge lights that create highlights on the edges of your body. This will make it so much easier to cut yourself out of the image using Photoshop.”

As for camera equipment, Quiles chooses to use the Sony Alpha 7R IV paired with the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master. “I chose this setup thanks to the sharpness and detail that I can capture with the 35mm lens. And of course, the excellent resolution that the Alpha 7R IV produces. As always, feel free to use whatever camera and lens combination that you own and that you like best.”

After explaining the lighting and gear, he enables his camera to pair with his smartphone so he can utilize the Sony Imaging Edge mobile app. The app allows him to see what his camera sees on his phone, and enables him to trigger the shutter from it. In the video he sets the drive mode to a two-second timer so he’s able to set it and put the phone out of the frame.


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