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Get A First Look At The New Sony ZV-1F

The new Sony ZV-1F gives you full creative power at any time and in any scene. In this video, Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles takes a closer look at the new entry-level camera for vloggers and content creators who are looking to step up their game and create higher-quality videos. “Coming in at $499.99 in the U.S., this camera has some advanced features that you’d find in some of Sony’s higher-end cameras like the ZV-1 and ZV-E10.” Watch below and keep reading as Quiles takes a deeper dive into the exciting features found in the new Sony ZV-1F. Learn more about the new Sony ZV-1F HERE.

Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles takes a closer look at the new Sony ZV-1F for vloggers & content creators who are looking to step up their game & create higher-quality videos.

“For starters, you’ve got a 1-inch sensor like you’d find in the ZV-1, which is a lot bigger than the sensors that you’d find inside of your average smartphone,” Quiles explains. “The larger sensor gives you better quality video, up to 4K resolution, and more cinematic depth of field.”

Perfect For Vlogging & Talking Head Video Creation

The super compact ZV-1F has a 24mm f/2 wide-angle lens built into the body. Quiles says this is a great focal length for shooting talking head videos because you can hold the camera at arm’s length. “If you’re walking and talking with the camera, you’ll be happy to see that Sony has included Active Steadyshot, which does an amazing job at stabilizing your footage when you’re going handheld with this camera.”

It’s no secret that Sony’s autofocus game is next level, and Quiles notes how it’s no different in the ZV-1F. “Even at this entry-level price point,” he says, ”you’ll still get Eye Auto-Focus as well as Subject Tracking, so you can be sure to get yourself and really anything else that you want to be in sharp focus, in focus.” 

Face Priority Auto-Exposure

The Sony ZV-1 introduced a host of cool features, and many of those features are also present in the new Sony ZV-1F. “One of my favorites that makes vlogging so much easier for people who are starting out is something called Face Priority Auto-Exposure,” Quiles explains. “Let’s say you’re vlogging somewhere that is dimly lit or dark, and you decide to walk outside where it’s a lot brighter. Because the exposure levels are different as you walk through that space, you really want to make sure that your face is evenly exposed the entire time. Using this feature, the camera will automatically adjust your settings to make sure that your face is exposed properly the entire time.”

Direct Viewers With The Product Showcase Feature

Another feature Quiles notes is great for those content creators first starting out is the Product Showcase Feature. This can be toggled off and on by using the Trash Can icon on the back of the camera and allows the camera to seamlessly focus between you and an object that you’re holding up to your lens. “If you’re planning on doing any kind of content where you’re showing items to the camera,” he says, “this will really help direct viewers’ attention to where you want it to go.”

Quickly Defocus The Background For Cinematic Shots

The Background Defocus Function is also a feature that makes it easy for new content creators to make high-quality video. It’s right up top next to the record button, and by pressing it the camera will automatically defocus the background for you. “On most cameras,” Quiles explains, “this is accomplished by adjusting your aperture, but with the ZV-1F, you can do it quickly just by pressing a button.“

Getting Creative With S&Q Mode

Want to get even more fancy with your videos? The new Sony ZV-1F has S&Q Mode which allows you to quickly and easily shoot slow motion and hyperlapse videos to give your videos a cinematic punch. As if it weren’t easy enough, Quiles also shows how simple it is to start and stop recording. “The ZV-1F has a tally light on the front of the camera to let you know your recording, and you can start and stop recording by pressing the record button on the top of the camera or by pressing the record button that’s now on your screen.”

Livestreaming Has Never Been This Easy (Or Looked This Good)

One of Quiles’ favorite features of the new Sony ZV-1F is the ability to easily set it up as a webcam. “Simply connect a USB-C cable to your computer and it shows up in your computer menu as an available webcam – no extra software required. Not only that, but you can also use the audio from the camera itself which sounds a lot better than the built-in audio in most computers. Livestreaming has never been this easy or looked this good.”

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-1F HERE.


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