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Video, Vlogging & More With The New Sony ZV-1F

YouTube content creator Sidney Diongzon had the opportunity to try out the new Sony ZV-1F, putting it through its paces to test its performance for video, vlogging and livestreaming. The camera’s incredible ease of use combined with its wider lens are just a few of the things that makes it a winner for Diongzon. Keep reading for more of his thoughts on Sony’s newest ZV-line camera and learn more about the Sony ZV-1F HERE.

“I think a lot of creators will appreciate the ease of use this camera provides.” – YouTube Content Creator Sidney Diongzon

A Simple Way To Step Up Your Game

While testing out the Sony ZV-1F, Diongzon immediately noticed how easy it is to use, excellent for those creators looking to step up their game from a smartphone. “The touch being interfaced just makes it a very easy transition for those creators,” he says. “Not only do you tap to focus and you can go through the menu screen, but when you swipe up it also opens other options. This is very handy for creators who just don’t want to turn the camera around to change their settings. I really appreciate that and I think a lot of creators will appreciate the ease of use this camera provides.”

He continues, “There’s even a little hack I came up with where I can actually use the tilting screen as a stand because the camera is so lightweight. Since it has a wider focal length, you can be a little closer to the camera and see the screen more. You actually don’t need to have a tripod if you don’t want to.”

Another Sony Vlogging Powerhouse

Diongzon says vlogging with this new camera is really fun. “I really love the active mode for stabilization and the wider focal length of the lens,” he says. “And shooting at such a low aperture just makes it more enjoyable to vlog because it’s not as tight of a shot as past vlogging cameras. With this camera it’s just a little bit wider and I’m very impressed with the colors straight out of camera.”

Face Priority Auto Exposure is also an important feature for him when vlogging. “All the time when I’m filming a vlog I might be going from outdoors to indoors or vice versa, and the Face Priority AE really helps. I was filming just last week and going through different spots of shade and sun, and this setting really helped make sure my face was always exposed which was cool. I think it just really caters toward those creators who are trying to step away from the smartphone to more of a camera.”

Another feature he found very important for his work was the filter thread mount that allows you to attach an ND filter. “It's one of those things where if you just twist it helps control the exposure, which is found in a lot of the more expensive cameras. In past vlogging cameras you would have to rely on internal ND filters, but I much prefer attaching my own ND filter because it’s easy. Since everything is in the front, the menu, the lens, I can just easily control the exposure by twisting the filter to get it right. I much prefer and appreciate this.”

Easy-Peasy Livestreaming

Diongzon also tested the camera for livestreaming, pairing it with the Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip and the new Sony ECM-G1 Shotgun Microphone. “That's my very simple livestream setup,” he says. “The image quality looks great and it’s definitely a step up from any of the webcams you see out there. And it matches the footage with my other Sony cameras so if I end up needing to mix footage, I totally can because of the similar color science.”

“It’s really great. It’s so easy to use, it’s just fantastic for people who want to livestream, like gamers and all of that stuff. It's probably the smallest, most compact livestream setup that I've ever used. It’s perfect, really.”

Complementary To Sony

He says he absolutely would add the new Sony ZV-1F to his kit, and loves that it is such a good complementary camera to all of his other Sony cameras. “I really feel like for me it’s one of those, set-in-your-studio as your permanent film camera to film YouTube videos or to livestream. I just love how small it is. Or if I have family stuff and like soccer games to go to, and I don’t want to bring all of my big cameras, this is perfect for that.”

He continues, “I can still get that nice blurry background with the bokeh and with a wider focal length. So in terms of livestreaming, vlogging with the family and other general use, this new ZV camera has been awesome.”

Learn more about the new Sony ZV-1F HERE.


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