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Mind Blowing: Why a Wedding Photographer Switched to Sony

While photography isn't just about the gear we use, what we shoot with can dramatically affect the way we work and the results we get. Wedding and portrait photographer Chris Turner explains in his latest blog post just how much switching to the Sony system and using the α9 at weddings has improved the way he captures some of life’s most precious moments.

When photographing weddings, Turner mentions how he likes to have the camera down low, shooting from the hip with the screen flipped out. This in combination with the α9’s silent shutter keeps people from reacting to the camera and allows him to capture those extra-special moments.

“Shooting from the hip and having the same amazing focus system on the rear screen as the viewfinder has allowed me to capture more natural fleeting moments. I’m a Ninja all of a sudden, stealing moments on the day that otherwise would have been missed!”

One of the biggest reasons Turner switched to Sony? The eye auto focus.

“If you haven’t shot with a Sony you don’t understand how good ‘eye focus’ is. It was amazing on the α7R II and probably one of the biggest reasons I switched. On the α9 it’s mind blowing.”

Turner concludes that since photography is his profession, he wants to use the best system available.

“The α9 has made it easier for me to concentrate on arguably the two most important things of wedding photography – being creative and capturing natural emotion. I can sit in the background silently shooting away telling a story with my camera.”

Photo By Chris Turner. Sony α9. Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master lens. Off-camera flash.

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6 Reasons Why The Sony α9 Approaches Perfection For A Wedding & Event Pro

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